Amagi Brilliant Park episode 3: Swimsuits and slapstick with a purpose

amagi brilliant park isuzu shoot


Kanie Seiya has decided to close down the park for one day! This allows for the park to get repaired and cleaned, and Seiya also uses this opportunity to hold a departmental meeting in which he announces that the park will now be open until later and attractions will only cost 30 yen until July 31st. He creates a swimsuit video to promote the event, and uses one of Moffle’s altercations to bring up the amount of views on it. The episode ends with a celebration of the day’s work being interrupted by derpface crocodile, freaking out because something has happened to Latifa.


And so, for yet another week we got just the right mixture of fluff coupled with just the right amount of storyline. This show remains to be mostly a comedy, but there is no escaping the underlying storyline, and the show is slowly progressing towards an actual ending.

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amagi brilliant park isuzu swimsuit

Yup. Totally watching this only for the funny jokes and the storyline.

The jokes of this show are absolutely great. I’ve said it last episode, and I’ll say it again, but honestly, this anime has some pretty consistent jokes and use of characters. They may not be the funniest out there, but the fact remains that the addition of all those mascots, coupled with Isuzu’s magical gun, add some fun material that is much more original than most other comedy shows in which the jokes are a bit half-assed. This episode, we finally got to see the beginning of Kanie’s master plan!! If it is a master plan at all… In any case, it’s a plan, which is already much better than anything the park had beforehand. It seems that Seiya has the right idea with this, which involves giving the park some sort of viral attention in order for people to hear about it. The swimsuit video, as well as Moffle’s fight, both served this purpose, and despite not giving that much attention to the park, it did give something; as Kanie said, even 1 more customer everyday is better than nothing (although he needs lot more than that…)

None the less, it seems that Kanie’s biggest obstacle is not this pitiful state of the park, but rather Moffle – Man, is this guy stubborn and untrustworthy. Imagine a conservative grandfather, make him fit enough to punch everything and put him in a mascot suit, and you’ve got Moffle. If this guy could only trust Kanie’s actions a little bit more, and admit that this park needs to change, then Kanie would probably be able to do more radical acts which could help out the park. Somehow, he manages Moffle pretty well at the moment, but the moment this guy turns to his side (as he had done briefly by the end of this episode), there will be a much better chance that the park can improve, because Moffle is definitely a competent mascot.

Amagi Brilliant Park amazes me by its well-done simplicity. This show is nothing too complicated; the concept has probably been done before, the jokes aren’t super hilarious, the story isn’t particularly great (although it’s clearly not bad) and the characters don’t have huge amounts of substance. What Amagi Brilliant Park does have, however, is all these elements. Not one of those categories has been discarded in order to leave room for another aspect of the show. This makes the show absolutely entertaining for a big chunk of the anime-watching population. This show is fun; this show is great. Everyone should watch this show.

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