Amagi Brilliant Park episode 4: A Competent Secretary?

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Another day passes at Amagi Brilliant Park, and Seiya is busy taking care of different management issues while Isuzu supposedly answers the employees’ requests as to the different park issues. We quickly realize, however, that Isuzu’s way of “hearing requests” always ends with a threat, and Seiya scolds her for it. When he does, Isuzu gets mad and feels bad about herself for failing so much, but in the end she saves everybody from a park flood and gets closer to Seiya in the same occasion.


It’s time for Isuzu time! Where we finally learn more about Kanie’s secretary, and where we realize that she has much more to her than simply a blank facial expression. We managed to get some pretty good character development in this episode, and that’s what we love here at 0-Gate.

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The dramatic tension was brought up a notch once again in this episode, leaving us with a few arguments between the two main characters of the story whom I assume must also be the final pairing. Seeing Isuzu’s shell slowly crack up as Seiya accused her of doing a bad job was very interesting; if at first I thought it to be a bit exaggerated, I only found it more realistic as the episode went on because it was exaggerated; I mean, when you hit someone’s weak point, that person will blow up at you for seemingly no reason. A later explanation of Isuzu’s trauma served to explain her previous outburst fairly well, and I liked the consistency of the episode put all together.

amagi brilliant park isuzu weaknessAll this drama was extremely useful in explaining two major questions we’d had so far: why has this park become so destroyed in only a few years? Also, why does Isuzu act like a soldier all the time? Isuzu’s job as a soldier with a family composed only of members of the military (What a bunch of weirdos, seriously…) definitely explains why the hell she fails so much at social interaction and management… which explains how this park is a failure. In contrast, we also managed to see Seiya shine at his job. Despite the exaggerations à-la-Sebastian, it was very obvious that this guy is good at management; I mean, just look at everything he has already done for the park.

amagi brilliant park seiya heightOnce more, however, what entertained me the most about this episode was its subtleties, which brought up the quality of the episode immensely. An example of this is when Seiya says things like “Sheesh, what’s her deal?” when Isuzu gets mad at him because he doesn’t understand why she blew up (hi there, boys from all over the world, do you understand now that girls blow up for actual, tangible reasons?) Such sentences were once again all over the episode, and just added to the brilliancy of the show’s characters. These are well built, realistic (to a certain extent) characters with strong personalities who don’t simply have clichéd stereotypes thrown on them to make them funny. This is one of the reasons why I prefer Amagi Brilliant Park over so many other comedy shows; because it flourishes with quality and originality in a seemingly generic setting.

Next episode… We will get.. something. Probably. Tune in for my review then~

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