Amagi Brilliant Park episode 5: Dornell’s cave

amaburi cave


Amagi Brilliant Park has no money left! After trying to figure out different solutions, Seiya, Isuzu, Mofle, Tiramie and Macaron settle on going to Dornell’s cave for a day in order to go treasure-hunting. Over there, they find traps, dragons, an otaku, moles disguising themselves as pigs… And no treasure. Fortunately, Dornell’s otaku collection is worth a fortune, and the park manages to get through the month with the newly-acquired money.


…Are they seriously going after treasure?

Seems like this episode was made… for… Comic relief? I’m not even sure anymore. In any case, this episode was pretty entertaining, albeit a bit odd and… out of place.

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Just at the right moment when the show should hit a dramatic peak due to a serious lack of money, it seems that AmaBuri just had to remind us that this show is, and will always remain, a simple comedy. This visit to Dornell’s cave seriously brought down the serious aspect of the show, which had been taking over a lot in the recent episodes. Now, we are back to stupidity… Although I can’t admit that the serious aspect of the show was completely omitted in this episode. There is an actual money issue for the amusement park at the moment, and although temporarily resolved, the issue remains very serious; unless Seiya finds a solution to this problem, the park will be going down very quickly with no hopes of bringing it back up.

amaburi tiramie switchFor the moment, however, let’s just take a look at this single episode, which, frankly, was really fuckin’ weird. I… guess if I were to note the most redeeming quality of this episode, I would definitely give a trophy to KyoAni for the complete originality of the humour. Despite the few clichéd lines (which were pleasantly emphasized by the show itself as being cliché), the timing of the jokes, the character reactions and the totally random aspect of the plot twists (such as Tiramie’s Molotov Cocktails or the appearance of Dornell as a cave otaku) made this episode completely ridiculous. The only thing remaining for this episode to be seriously complete in all its dumb glory is some satirical joke about society… But we can’t say that this was completely omitted in this episode, either, although the dumb aspect clearly dominated over everything else. amaburi dornell

Putting the show back in perspective, it’s somewhat sad that after 5 episodes there is this little improvement about the state of the park. We currently have 66 days left out of the original 90 before the park closes down its doors, but it doesn’t seem like the number of clients has increased so much since the 30-yen promotion… Which, I should mention, has so far only managed to put them in the red more than anything. Seiya will have to pull some miraculous bullshit out of his ass pretty soon; now let’s just hope that the show doesn’t wait until the last episode before giving us some cool results, because I will be seriously disappointed.

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