Amagi Brilliant Park episode 6: Recruiting the Masses

amaburi macaron heartsleeve


We are yet up for another Isuzu-centric episode, this time following her budding feelings for Kanie Seiya. Coincidentally *ahem*, this important time for her happens at the same time that Macaron wants to test out his “Heartsleeve fruit” which causes Isuzu to speak everything that comes to mind without any inhibitions. Add to this an interview session full of pretty girls which could potentially seduce Kanie Seiya, and this episode is pretty much done. By the end of the episode, the amusement park has acquired many new employees which seem a bit… odd… but it’s definitely better than nothing at all.


Well, so much for thinking that we were back on track with the plot. Although we did get some development going, I still feel as though this episode was meant to be much more of a comic relief than a hugely packed episode.

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It seems like the show has clearly decided to head off in a romantic direction that may or may not get resolved by the end of the season (though I would think the latter more plausible considering the format). In any case, Isuzu is slowly start to fall for the narcissistic manager, and she will probably find herself having much more complicated issues come along her way because of her huge communication problems. For us, it can be hugely entertaining (just as it was in this week’s episode), but for Isuzu I can only imagine how complicated it will be for her to try and open herself up to Seiya, if she ever does. Also, I have my doubts that Seiya will reciprocate her feelings right away… Simply because the guy has no room to love anyone but himself.

amaburi employeesThis week’s episode had somewhat little plot development; we did meet many new characters (because we didn’t have enough already -_-‘) and Isuzu’s feelings did get cleared up already, but the pace at which Seiya and Isuzu solve problems is ridiculously slower than the pace they should be going at; the park’s days are heavily counted, and I don’t see that much of an improvement so far, except the part where Seiya put the whole park even more in debt than it already was. How is the park going to get through this now, I wonder… I’m actually looking forward to the end of this series in order to see the conclusion of the arc. The show may be mostly for comic relief, but the heavy theme in the background simply makes me more curious to know what will happen next…

amaburi isuzu hold backIn the meantime, we can enjoy the already-made-running-gags that flourish all over the episodes: from Sylphy’s dreaminess to Isuzu’s brutality to the bro-love between Seiya and Moffle, I can never get enough of these jokes that are simply refreshed in some way or another every week. This week’s episode was an awesome example of this, spreading the “plot” and the jokes evenly among the episode, giving us progress without boring us out of our minds. Heck, if I could see more of Sento acting the way she did in this episode, I would definitely be happy.

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