Amagi Brilliant Park episode 7: Pirate Invasion

amaburi isuzu pirate


During a normal day at the Amaburi pool, Isuzu and friends are currently busy entertaining the children with a little pirate scenario they created. Everything goes well, until suddenly a real pirate ship appears from the water and takes everyone hostage! While the show remains comedic all the way through, the episode develops into a fun, one-episode story in which Seiya saves the whole team and captures the pirates, transforming them into free employees for the summer. Now all the park needs is more people…


Just when the style this show liked to adopt in the last few weeks was starting to need a breath of fresh air, this episode appeared and gave us exactly what this show needed, and more, all with a touch of originality that I’ve rarely seen in any comedy show.

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Who would think that some one-episode plot such as a pirate invasion in a pool could bring so many emotions back from childhood? Cheering for Seiya’s bunch, wishing for Jaw to become more useful and for this park to have more guests, I found myself smiling at the end when the issue was resolved. Amaburi just acquired a new attraction that is bound to bring some new guests, all for free. It’s just too bad that it’s not enough… there are 30 days left, and Seiya needs to bring in 170,000 visitors in some way or another… Right now, it seems pretty impossible. However, I feel like there is a solution which this episode made me realize, which is that if Kanie Seiya went back on stage after all those years as an actor, he could probably bring in a lot of guests who just want to see him… Somehow I don’t think my theory to be very far from the truth, but who knows, I mean this show likes to play with clichés after all…

Talking about clichés, this episode had plenty of them; it also broke a lot of them, leaving us with a completely freshened conventional plot; this episode was fun, but also very original. The “discussion” over Isuzu’s outfit, for example, could have easily broken into any clichéd conversation seen in almost any anime show… BUT, that didn’t happen. At all. Heck, when those tentacles appeared, I feared the show would go towards the easily “let’s have a tentacle rape over Isuzu because she’s a popular and smoking hot character”– BUT that didn’t happen either; instead we got some sexy mascot tentacle rape, because THAT’S bound to get the audience excited, right?

amaburi more tentacle rape

These are only a few examples, but this episode was riddled with scenes like these, and the clever manner to diverge away from the clichés every time made this episode very, very interesting overall. I’ll say it again: this episode was fresh.

amaburi isuzu poseThe last thing I want to discuss for this episode is the last scene of this episode… Which, you know, usually seems to be the kind of cliffhanger that doesn’t bother me because it’ll totally be a misunderstanding where Macaron isn’t really doing amateur porn work with Isuzu as his model, but… If it’s not that, then what the hell is it? In any case, next episode should prove to be an interesting, romance-oriented episode… Or so the title “Not enough love!” makes me want to believe, as the romance whore that I am.

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