Amagi Brilliant Park episode 8: Disguise

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Kanie Seiya has a cold. However, due to already having too many absences at school, he can’t miss any more days than he already has; this causes everyone to group up together and to make a disguise of Seiya so that they can replace him at school. The episode follows as each day a different character takes on Seiya’s role at school, causing lots of trouble for everyone, especially Seiya himself.


And yet, another great episode of Amaburi has aired. This show never stops being awesome.

Just as, once again, I believed the show to take on a more generic approach to the “being sick” idea, it pulls some golden originality with a simple concept and suddenly turned this episode into a really, really fun filler (despite the fact that it was still a filler).

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Somehow, I feel I would only be repeating myself from my last episode review for this episode; this week we got great comedy, great originality and a strong spoof of general comedy/romance clichés, turning the episode into a filler that somehow turned to be just as interesting as another show’s non-filler episodes. The laughter moments were not constant but well-spaced, so that I found myself thoroughly enjoying this episode as each character took on the role of Kanie Seiya.

amaburi seiya macaronThis episode also gave us more information to the characters Tiramie and Macaron, enough that we won’t really be able to mix them up anymore… They may only be side character mascots, but they both have very distinct personalities, and I feel that the show wanted to make things clear with this episode that these child mascots are really, really bad people with really bad personalities. Nevertheless, this gave us some pretty darn good laughs. I’m also glad to have seen once more the Moffle rip-off joke, which I felt wasn’t exploited enough. The joke was brought back just at the right moment for it to become priceless. Amaburi makes sure to always give us enough redundancy, but never too much; it’s all about giving just the right amount, and so far this show does it really well.

amaburi isuzu jealousThe one thing that bothered me in this episode, which seems to be a growing worry since last week, is the fact that only 4 episodes are left to the series, 24 days to the deadline of the amusement park and still a good 150,000 customers to come visit. These comedic fillers are definitely lots of fun, but the short span of time left leaves me worried as to the possible ways to ever finish this show. Is Isuzu going to do something about her budding feelings? Is Kanie going to start feeling something more than physical attraction for her? Is the park going to be saved? Although I expect the latter question to be answered by the end of the series, I doubt the other two will have a definite closure, and the lack of confirmation of a second season leaves me worried that maybe this show won’t tie up all of its plot points well… While the show is a comedy show meant to entertain, it has given us pretty good expectations in terms of plot, and I hope it will follow-up to those expectations instead of forgetting the plot somewhere along the way.

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