Amagi Brilliant Park episode 9: the 4 trials

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The fairies have a problem! They seem to have trouble coordinating their movements on stage, leading to a pretty crappy performance in general. Because of this, Latifa invites them all to her castle to eat sukiyaki; however, while she is gone to get some sauce, the fairies press on a button they weren’t supposed to, turning the castle into a huge offensive fortress. In order to turn off the mechanism, the fairies must complete 4 trials, using teamwork and trust and… Yeah, whatever. The rest doesn’t matter anyways.


“Alright, how much bullshit can we put into a single episode?”

“Let’s just put in as much as we can and hope that it works!”


It… worked…. Up to a point.

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I don’t know how this show does what it does, but it’s usually really good at doing it. For the most part of the episode, the show managed to put in just enough ridiculousness for me to laugh while also managing to move my heart emotionally – even with such a dumb storyline to move the plot forward.

amaburi latifa buttonI mean, let’s be honest here; we all knew that Amagi Brilliant Park could use really nonsensical ways to make an episode turn the completely generic into a clever and original piece of humour. Heck, the show has been doing that for the last 3-4 episodes, giving us nothing worthy of attention while at the same time keeping our attention on the screen for 20 whole minutes at a time. Unfortunately for them, I feel that this week the recipe fell somewhat short: the dumb plot was entertaining enough to last at least half of the episode, and the “teamwork and bonding” aspect worked great for a while, but after 15 minutes of seeing the same thing over and over again, and with the last trial turning this episode into cheesy “let’s all stay friends forever” bullshit that didn’t really feel comic enough to get out of the generic pattern it was clearly following, the episode suddenly fell short of what it is usually good at, leading up to a pretty boring ending.

amaburi friendshipI usually love this show, and so far it had never failed me to watch it all, but somehow this episode didn’t make me feel like I had enough of Amaburi. I wanted to watch a good episode, and I only got an okay one; let’s hope this doesn’t happen too often in the next 3 episodes that are left… Also, can’t we get back on the main plot already? I mean, the show’s almost over, there’s only 21 days left before the forced shutdown of the park and this episode has shown us that giving 1-episode stories to keep the show going may not always work as the other episodes have.  I just want Seiya and Sento to kiss already, all the while saving the park in a magical fashion, with Latifa smiling happily in the background, thanking everything that moves while Moffle beats up some kids to celebrate.

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