Amnesia episode 1 [First Impression]: hot guys… and more hot guys.

amnesia ikki hot


“Heroine” is a girl who wakes up one day at work, and all of a sudden all her memories of the past are gone. She finds out that a spirit called Orion is what caused her amnesia, and in order to fix the problem she has to make connections with all the people she knew before.

How cute it is that this little thing dares to show his face after making the heroine forget EVERYTHING about her past... *punch*

How cute it is that this little thing dares to show his face after making the heroine forget EVERYTHING about her past… *punch*

The next day she goes to work, where she slowly meets up with all her coworkers and tries to remember a bit more of her past. She meets Ikki and Kent, two beautiful guys, and as Ikki helps her out over the course of the day Heroine is stalked by some jealous girls, who confront her in a dark alley saying that “she broke her promise”.


Otome, otome, otome…. This show has “dating sim” all over it.

As I am not a huge fan of dating sims, I can’t discuss how good this is as a dating sim, or how interesting it can be. All I can say is that, as an anime, this show is already going down the drain.

Honestly, I’ve played one Otome game in my life, and that was enough for me to figure out that the producers of this didn’t even bother changing Amnesia to make it look like a decent anime. The heroine doesn’t even have a name, still shots are everywhere, the movement of characters is bad and I can smell the lack of decent plot from a mile away. Moreover, the heroine is so friggin’ stupid and slow and clumsy and god knows what else. She’s a pathetic wealking who likes one-syllable sentences, and I already don’t like her.amnesia main girl

At least, the guys look absolutely gorgeous. I might watch it just for that, and also since I’m always curious to know if anything good will ever come out of these shows. I’m usually disappointed, but hey, La Corda d’Oro was awesome and Steins;Gate comes from a dating sim as well, so I’m hoping maybe one day some other good dating show will come out? Maybe? My hopes are low for this, but they’re there none the less.

I mean, they're all so god man gorgeous... *drools*

I mean, they’re all so god damn gorgeous… *drools*

I wonder if anything happened to our wonderful little heroine after she fainted in front of her bullies. I’m pretty sure the show will just leave the scene at that and go back to living normally, which would be retarded because if I was a bully and the person I bullied broke her promise hard enough that I’d want to confront her in a dark alley, I’d definitely do something crazy and not just leave her alone because she was pitiable when she fainted.

Would I recommend this? If you like dating sims, probably, because that’s exactly what it is. As an anime, it’s not worth much however, and I already don’t expect much out of this, especially with only 12 episodes. I won’t be blogging this, and I’m not even sure if I’ll watch it yet.

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