Amnesia episode 10: mystery man

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amnesia togetherHeroine and Toma get together, and just as Mary spends a night at the hospital recovering from her scratch I won’t even bother complaining…, she gets thrown off the roof by an insane Ukyo and wakes up once more on August 1st. This time, she becomes threatened by car accidents and trains for days, and keeps being saved by Ukyo, who seems to be able to predict what will happen to her in advance. In the end, he reveals to her that he is her lover and that the world she’s in is trying to kill her.


I seriously had a love-hate relationship with this episode…

The first half was incredibly frustrating. Honestly, I wanted to freakin’ punch Mary through a wall, and gladly bring Toma along with her. I expected her to turn around and go out with him, but it was still extremely frustrating to see Mary still have feelings for him right after he tells her that he’ll never let her go no matter how painful it is for her. amnesia toma sleep togetherToma’s route was definitely the worst of the bunch, and the only good thing the producers managed to do (really well, in fact) was for me to completely despise the guy whom Mary was going for. Had it been their goal to leave him in the dust as a defeated villain, they would have done an amazing job… Instead, they just screwed up our brains and made us angry. Very very very very angry. The one thing that made me happy before Ukyou’s route was when said man showed up to throw Mary off the roof. After what had happened, I couldn’t have been happier. Moreover, it was done by a sexy mysterious guy; can’t say no to that.

amnesia ukyou smileThen the second half of the show happened, and I knew I could trust the sexy mysterious guy who knew about Mary’s amnesia. I wasn’t too sure at first if they were supposed to know each other, but seeing as Ukyo always knows everything about her he probably pretended like he didn’t know her until the time where he tried to take her hand. I’m really curious to know why he switched personalities so much in between each world, since he seems to have the same conscience every time, but then again this guy is so shrouded in mystery that I don’t have a clue what’s his deal… But I love it. I feel like he holds the answer to this whole show in the palm of his hand; I hope next episode will finally give me some answers.

I’m not sure if killing her will just make her switch routes again or if Mary will actually die if the world she’s in manages to get rid of her, but I’m guessing that next episode she’ll try her best to last until August 25th/26th with Ukyo. I also secretly hope that she will stay in this world forever with him as her lover, but that’s just my little fantasy… For some reason, I always have this feeling that she’ll end up with Shin… Maybe it’s just a feeling.

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P.S.: I’ve had Ukyo’s name wrong all along. I kept calling him Unkyou… I apologize for that 🙂

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