Amnesia episode 11: doppelganger madness

amnesia ukyou cell


Ukyou provides a little extra information to Mary about her getting killed, however keeps the reason why she must survive until August 25th a secret. We then learn that the reason Mary is still alive is because Ukyou saved her on august 1st, and now she must die in order to set things straight.

He doesn't look like a psycho at all.

He doesn’t look like a psycho at all.

Meanwhile, Unkyou’s dual personality shows up once more and takes over Ukyou’s body while Mary and Orion speculate over what might be happening in this world. In the end, she goes to meet with Ukyou once more, and after a point where he almost throws her in a well she decides to run from him. At least, until he tells her he’s about to kill himself, which makes her act and go after him. In the end, his evil side is the awake one, and Mary is stuck in a fiery house with a psychotic killer when the episode ends.


Woahhhh, just how much suspense can you put in one otome game route? Here I’ve been seeing cheese all over the screen for almost 10 episodes, and then Toma shows up and Ukyou’s on the verge of killing our main character? Man, this episode was awesome.

From the looks of it, it seems like Ukyou travels through time every single time he sees Mary die of something and goes back to the present timeline, which makes him able to know which disaster awaits her every time.

amnesia ukyou downNow, how depressing is that? To see one’s lover die over and over again must be ridiculously painful… Not only that, but apparently Ukyou has also his dual personality problem to deal with, where he simply becomes completely psychotic and decides that killing Mary is the best option to save his own ass. Now, I still don’t know what’s up with that and how their deaths are related, but I guess we’ll finally learn this in the next and final episode. Finally, as if it wasn’t enough, it seems like his “good” part has decided to be an even better person and to kill himself in order to save her. Honestly, I’m tearing up for this guy. And I’m really scared that he’ll die a terrible terrible death in the fire pit that he just created.

amnesia killerI like Ukyo, not only because he’s very gorgeous, but also because he’s definitely not over-the-top cheesy, and yet he’s not completely psychotic like Toma (more like, half-psychotic). He’s such a sweetheart when his doppelganger sleeps away, and his depressing past just attracts me like a moth to a flame (and it’s as depressing as that…). I thought he might have a dual personality disorder earlier in the episodes, but I wasn’t sure since everything was super confusing in all worlds. Ukyou also happens to drive the main plot of the show very much, and he was definitely the perfect route to end the anime with. I still don’t know who Mary will end up with, but it would be nice if Ukyo didn’t die and was the lucky man.amnesia gang

I thought the fire premonition we saw before hadn’t resolved itself when Mary avoided the lab explosion, but I guess I was wrong; stuff is happening right now, and it’s pretty darn scary. I was really surprised when I saw Mary confront what Orion was telling her and went by herself to save her man. For once, she actually showed some real courage and guts, something which we hadn’t seen at all yet. If Ukyou can drive her a little more into a corner, she might turn out even cooler and pull out some very late badassery.amnesia storm

Next episode is the final one~~ As good as this week’s episode was, I’m kinda still looking forwards to never having to watch this ever again… Yeah, I said it.

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