Amnesia episode 12 [Final]: the choice is yours

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*sigh* Did they really have to leave it an open ending? Were they that afraid of haters?

Honestly, this was pretty disappointing. Since Amnesia came from a dating sim concept, I accepted many things that were left unchanged from the game – Mary’s lack of name, for example (sad that I had to create one, though). I expected, however, that they would at least modify the ending a bit; that is, that they’d actually finish the anime where we figure out who the hell Mary is actually going out with in the real dimension. Apparently, though, a bit of originality from the producers would have been way too complicated; I honestly saw no difference between an actual dating sim and this show, which deteriorates its rating completely as an anime. amnesia orion cute

The ending for Ukyo’s route was… Meh. Everything pretty much happened as I thought it would (I mean, they’d foreshadowed it 20 times already), except that when Ukyo died, I didn’t think he would come back to life; making his death absolutely pointless (yeah, I said that). It was very admirable that he sacrificed his life for her in the end, and considering his bad side that was pretty much the only thing he could do. I would have loved to hear more about his doppelganger though; like how it came to be and stuff.

amnesia orion heroineI’m kind of sad they didn’t introduce Neil to us beforehand, at least in name. Having him show up in the final episode like he was always there and was suddenly the cause of everything just made things weird, and when he told Mary that she was awesome and that she’d saved Ukyo with her strength like only she could have, I laughed a bit on the inside; like Mary would ever be that badass. It was a bit too cheesy for my taste, and even more when she left almost crying because Orion was going to disappear from her life. That was also something incredibly expected, and seeing it just made me go “okay” and that was the end of it. Boy, what a surprising and eventful ending.

In the end, this last episode had much talking and a lot of explaining for us to finally understand what’s going on. The problem with that is that it took up a lot of the episode and prevented for more dramatic cool shit to happen, like giving us a proper ending. I wasn’t quite satisfied with this show overall, but I was hoping that when Ukyo showed up they’d at least give us a good ending… Guess not. This ending also suggests absolutely no hope for a second season; but hey, you never know (don’t expect me to watch it though…).

P.S.: That is one psychotic look.

P.S.: That is one psychotic look.

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