Amnesia episode 2:…Da fuq just happened?


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After seeing Mary (formerly known as “Heroine” or “the-wimp-without-a-name”, I decided to re-baptize her) faint last episode, in this episode she wakes up, healthy and fine. She goes to work, where she is brought to a meeting about a 3 day, 2 night field trip with her really hot coworkers. She is scared because of her amnesia to stay with them for so long, however she goes anyways, since it could help her regain her memories.

She goes on the trip and builds on many memories with her co-workers, until Shin talks to her one on one about her being weird, and Mary runs away with all her might, falling down a cliff and finding herself in a hospital bed… On August 1st. Shin comes in and kisses her like it was the most normal thing in the world, and Orion is nowhere to be found.



…What is this? Do I see plot?

I certainly see a few plot holes here and there, but overall, nicely done guys. This second episode got my curiosity going, and it seems like there won’t be just hot guys to satisfy Otome game fans, but a little bit of a storyline as well. Now, my only down point on that is that it’s possible that all the cliffhangers may end up as huge downfalls and destroy my expectations, which would certainly be possible, but right now this anime is not looking as bad as I thought it would last week.

The only plot hole I noticed so far consisted of Mary’s little fainting episode in the beginning, which looks like it took the bad turn like I expected last episode. Did a guy save her? I sure hope so, because if not, then those girls are terrible bullies, and their credibility just went down the drain in 2 seconds. Even if that boss girl looks pretty and really evil.

Her's hair is too fluttery for her not to be important.

Her’s hair is too fluttery for her not to be important.

amnesia shin cuteEverything is still really blurry, but I’m glad to see Shin’s background a bit more developed. I had read somewhere that Shin was Mary’s boyfriend, but he definitely didn’t act like he was before this surprising kiss. His “murder case” is also something to think about, and from the way Unkyou was talking, it seems to me like all he did was see someone fall down a cliff and kill themselves, giving himself all the blame, which would explain why he thinks he killed someone. Now, he couldn’t have actually done it; I mean, that would be way too dark. Dating sims don’t go dark. they?

…do they?

Then again, with Unkyou around, I’m not so sure anymore. Whatever this guy is, he’s god damn hot, and his bad guy vibe is totally awesome. I only wish for him to actually be bad in the end, and his mysterious aura makes me feel like he might be a spirit or something. Whatever he is, he sounds cool at the moment.

I’m also very curious about Mary’s “flashbacks” from her past. She thought they were bits and pieces from what happened before, but when Kent mentioned that he had never gone to a festival with her, it got me thinking that she may have the ability to see the future or something, Either that, or she’s going through different parallel universes… careful guys, the divergence meter is going crazy. I don’t know what’s happening to her, but now she’s back to square one on August 1st and she has a boyfriend that she didn’t have beforehand, so I have no idea what’s going on.

it was still cute ^.^

it was still cute ^.^

In the end, this show is good, but far from awesome. There is definitely something more to it than I thought at first, however I still see many flaws in animation and I feel like 13 episodes could include many plot holes and corny bullshit. The character art is good in still shots, but I’ve noticed many flaws when it comes to scenes where Mary is walking. It seems like backgrounds and character designs don’t match at all. I can’t really put my finger on it… I think it’s related to bad animation overall. I do like pretty things, but I like them even more when they feel like they’re part of their environment.


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