Amnesia episode 3: help from a cute bishounen

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Following last episode’s surprising kiss scene between Shin and Mary, we learn that they’ve now been dating for three months. Shin also discovers Mary’s amnesia and tries to bring some of her memories back, however it doesn’t work very well.

so he goes for rape instead.

so he goes for rape instead.

In the end, she learns that her memories and reality don’t really match, and starts hearing Orion’s voice in the background a bit as well.


Wooh, I think I’m starting to understand!

…I think.

I really don't trust this kid.

I really don’t trust this kid.

A few things were explained in this episode, however I’m still not sure what’s going on in terms of plot line. I know one thing though: Mary’s amnesia is definitely not just because she knocked her head. I’m not sure exactly what is going on, but my theory is that someone might have tampered with her memories and might be doing this on purpose. Going by his evil sense, Unkyou seemed to fit the role pretty well, however I have no idea why someone so god damn gorgeous would do that to a girl who has no personality whatsoever.

I was actually surprised to know that Mary used to show emotions and be passionate about things before. You know, with her lack of anything that she has at the moment, I was surprised to know that she’d be the kind of girl to freak out about a kiss or to sing in a band. Right now she doesn’t do shit all… Spacing out, not talking and not having any kind of emotion seem to be her forte at the moment. I am aware that her amnesia causes her to be totally unknown to her surroundings, but right now her quiet temper and her shyness just makes it hard to believe that her old personality can exist. I will not go so far as to say it’s a plot hole quite yet, as it may be explained more in detail later on, but I have my doubts on Mary having any kind of character development in the end.

*gasp* that's the first emotion I've seen on this girl's face.

*gasp* that’s the first emotion I’ve seen on this girl’s face.

This episode was quite well done in the end. I’ll admit that this show seems to have a lot more plot than expected, and I seriously didn’t think I’d find this much story and supernatural feel in this otome based anime which only got okay reviews. Whether the rest of the anime becomes good or bad will definitely depend on how the open plot points are developed; right now I don’t understand many things and I like that, but if the show turns around and destroys my hopes and dreams with some half-assed explanation, I might just start flipping tables.

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