Amnesia episode 4: pushy boyfriend

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Shin is offended! Mary doesn’t act like a girlfriend at all, and he confronts her about it, saying she needs to make a choice really soon whether she should date him or not.

amnesia shin and heroineWhile she thinks about this, all her co-workers decide to make their own little fireworks festival, one in which Shin and Mary are both invited. Everyone is enjoying themselves, and Shin shows up a bit later, talking to Mary one on one about his dad having killed a man and such. In the end, they both reconcile, Shin asks Mary out once more and Mary accepts,  thus concluding the Shin arc.

At the end of the episode, Mary gets into another accident, and all of a sudden she is once more back on August 1st; this time, Ikki is the one who seems to be close to her?


I get it now! Well, I get how this concept works as a dating sim, anyways. I don’t understand at all why this amnesia thing is happening to Mary, but for now we can enjoy watching her as she goes out with a bunch of hotties while going back in time 50 times. Why not?

So this episode concluded the Shin arc, and to be honest, I wouldn’t say it was a great conquest, but considering the little amount of time that this conquest took (2 episodes), it wasn’t bad. Shin is really not the kind of guy to wait patiently while the girl he likes drifts away from him. Instead of waiting around, he decided to be pushy by himself, which definitely isn’t bad thing in a guy. For someone like Mary who can never decide anything, I was glad that someone like him came and forced her to make a choice.amnesia worry

To be honest, I really didn’t like Shin. Like I said, he was a pushy guy, and I didn’t like the way he handled the situation where his own girlfriend couldn’t remember him. He decided to go with the route where he doesn’t think and just decides to force everything onto Mary, and I just didn’t like his personality altogether. I seem to be going more for people like Ikki, who seem more kind and less tsundere with their feelings.

and so much hotter... *ahem*

and so much hotter… *ahem*

Another thing which “disappointed” me (in quotations because it’s more like a “slight hint of sadness due to a small drop in expectations”) involved Shin’s “I killed someone” from last episode, which turned out to be even more cheesy than the cheesy “she fell and I couldn’t save her” cliché that I was expecting. In the end, it was just Mary’s flashback which only registered half of what he said, which is just… dumb. Anyways…

amnesia shin kissThe ending scene of Shin’s conquest was really the only great thing I can say about this episode. The confession was cute, Shin was hot, Mary talked and acted like a normal human being, and the kissing scene was really nice. I finally started feeling for Shin and Mary as a couple really only then, which is not a good thing at all considering their relationship has been ongoing for 2 episodes, but with the amnesia confusion and all, there wasn’t much room left for sensitivity. Especially with Mary having the sensitivity of a rock…

Moving on, next episode will begin Ikki’s conquest! Hopefully with him we’ll be able to learn even more about Mary’s amnesia and Orion’s disappearance, while enjoying the bullshit high school drama full of jealous little attention whores. This should be entertaining~

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