Amnesia episode 5: confusion

Look at me! Me, me, me, only meeeee!!! ...Please?

Look at me! Me, me, me, only meeeee!!! …Please?


Mary now has a new boyfriend! Whatever the hell happened, she now seems to be going on dates with Ikki, who now works with her once again at the cafe. After a date, Mary goes home, where Orion appears for a few minutes and tries to explain to her a bit of what is happening to her, until he disappears again randomly.

amnesia sudoku 0amnesia sudoku 1

The rest of the episode is dedicated to Mary trying to look as dumb as possible, while she meets Kent again and realizes the differences between this world and the last one she was in the day before.


Man, this episode was confusing. I seriously have trouble understanding what’s oging on here, although I do know now a few more pieces of information which we didn’t have before.

Orion’s short appearance did clarify a few things, one of which I had already hypothesized on, which is that Mary is going through many different parallel worlds. What we also know with this information is that one of them could be the real one? I think what Orion meant by that is that while going through all different worlds, she’ll have to figure out which world is the right one and “choose” it, which will mean she will have picked the guy who was amnesia orion ponderdating her in that world. Which isn’t a bad storyline… I mean, it does have a supernatural sense, it gives reasoning for her to have 5 guys all over her, and it’s pretty original in its concept. I also liked the idea that not only her conquest characters but also other backgorund characters seemed to change personalities and occupations with every dimension, which probably confuses the hell out of Mary even more. Now all we need is the actual reason why that girl’s world was overthrown like that, which we will only get to know later.

amnesia ikki prettyBack to this route, this time we got to know a little bit more about Ikki, who turns out to be a complete playboy (no surprise there…) because of some crazy superpower with his eyes (huh?). Coincidentally, Mary is the only girl who isn’t affected by Ikki’s powers, and she seems to be the only girl whom he truly likes, yet despite this unrequited love, they are still going out. There also seems to be some pretty shady things going on with Ikki’s fangirls, one of them which clearly looks like a jealous ex-girlfriend, but we can’t be sure yet since nothing was said.

Well, that’s pretty much the gist of it. As a route, Ikki seems to be really nice and caring for the girl he likes, ready to be her Knight at any point in time, and he also happens to be gorgeously hot. I’m not sure yet what’s going on with this “power” thing, but it seriously sounds awesome; also, the shady fangirls are sure to bring up some action in there.

especially her.

especially her.

In the end, I find this route to be quite promising, and the few things I have problems with so far are with the show itself and not this single route: ugly backgrounds, bad character animation, cheesy bullshit and the most inexpressive main character I’ve ever seen (I’d like her to say something other than “Eh” with different voice tones…)

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2 Responses to Amnesia episode 5: confusion

  1. alice says:

    I think the main character had too much botox… Other than that I am really really curious on who her actual bf was.

    • Myst says:

      If I go with what blogs were talking about in dating sims (reading quickly not to get anything spoiled) and since he was the first guy, I think it was Shin, but I’m not sure about that. People are way too mean in Ikki’s route so I doubt he’s the real one. While we wait for them to give us a proper answer, we’ll just have to endure the botox girl I guess… I love that analogy :P.

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