Amnesia episode 6: wishing upon a star

amnesia star


Mary keeps going in this parallel world, where she catches a fever and has Ikki take care of her for a whole day. The next day, she gets a drunk talk from him where he goes all emotional (but no tears – He must have been faking the drunkenness), and shortly after she is invited to a resort where she meets up with Ikki’s fan club.

that is one creepy mask.

that is one creepy mask.

After a scene where Ikki admits his emotions, confesses to her properly and kisses her, Mary gets caught by the fangirls, who tell her that she better not break her promise. Mary tries to reply, but gets stuck on a boat which breaks and causes her to fall in the lake.


Man, it seems like Ikki’s world is full of assholes. I surely hope that’s not Mary’s real world… ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that.

amnesia friend bitchI thought Mine was pretty mean when she ignored Mary completely and went to ask Ikki out, but I never thought she’d go as far as to actually do it. Then, she actually went back to talk to Mary about it, talking about her feelings and acting like she’s such a nice girl? Ahem, no way missy, you just tried to literally steal my boyfriend away from me. Honestly, I really thought she deserved a slap in the face.

After her came all the jealous chicks, who in my opinion are really just batshit crazy. Hogging a guy for themselves without his consent, making each other break up after three months and ruining the life of people who break this promise makes me think of a secluded cult venerating Ikki as their God-who-belongs-to-all. It’s creepy as fuck if you ask me, and completely morally wrong for them to not let Ikki know about something that concerns him so much.

amnesia ikki kissIn the end, Ikki apparently needs to know that wishing upon a star is definitely not a great idea. He also apparently needs to be re-taught this, as he has done it again. It doesn’t sound like a bad wish now… But considering what happened last time he wished upon a star, I wouldn’t trust them anymore… Ever. Anyways, his confession scene was really cute, but it seems like his arc is definitely not over yet. There are many things we have yet to uncover, and I really hope all those girls get a beating, whoever does it (the manager would be a great discipliner for them… Tehe)amnesia angry manager

Now, there are two things which made me a little curious in this episode. The first one involves Mary’s past story in this arc. It seems like she willingly joined Ikki’s fanclub? Now why in the hell would anyone sane do that? I have no idea what went through this girl’s head, but apparently she was stupid enough that she’s now in big trouble. She agreed to everything the girls said to her, and to be honest I wonder what the hell is up with that. I hope we get to know soon, because it definitely doesn’t make sense in my head.amnesia fall

Lastly, I was also curious about Unkyou’s appearance, who for once didn’t try to hide the fact that he knew about Mary’s other lives. Is he a spirit who is able to travel through parallel worlds? Is he the perpetrator of this whole thing? Or is he something else? To be honest, I don’t know, and I really wish to know. This guy was somehow really nice in this world compared to other worlds, and it kind of makes me want to know him better..

he's also really hot :3

he’s also really hot :3

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