Amnesia episode 7: a date? What’s that?

amnesia date


It is august 1st again! Mary now has Kent courting her, and she automatically begins this route with a confrontation about her lack of feelings that she doesn’t know about.



She then talks to him for a bit, but the way she acts so differently gives away the fact that she has no memories of what happened at all. After a date at the summer festival, a few days later Kent confronts her about it, and she is constrained to tell him everything. He has an indirect talk with Orion, and after he and Mary walk for a bit, Mary diverges once more into another world and shifts to Toma’s route.


ARRRRRGH!!! And here I thought I could actually enjoy a route properly for once.

I didn’t even know Kent’s route was starting in this episode. I mean, Ikki’s route still had a bunch of jealous fangirls and was definitely not over, so I didn’t think Mary would shift worlds right away, and I’m pretty disappointed that they didn’t really bother with completing Ikki’s route properly.

amnesia patMoving on, this episode was actually awesome; if only for the way Kent acts with Mary. Such a logical guy tried his best to act like a good boyfriend, and failed really badly for the most part. Kent was also not afraid to show his feelings; he was just really awkward, which made everything absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed how unorthodox his personality was, and it was nice to see that he wasn’t the type of guy who’d actually try to boast to his girlfriend how smart he is, which was the impression I had of him first episode.

Ironically enough, though, this route was the one which seemed to have the best couple relationship. Mary was a little more honest, more open (still stupidly quiet though), and actually looked like she liked him, instead of just being a stupid quiet girl who’d walk along the guy without doing or saying anything. The way she said things like “I’m sure the other me really did like you and just wasn’t honest” made it seem like she liked him at the moment, and I thought their relationship was actually pretty cute (unlike others). amnesia heroine cute

We also got a clearer explanation of what’s happening to Mary. Although nothing actually new came out of Kent’s and Orion’s conversation, it was good to get a better explanation than that time when Orion showed up for 30 seconds to explain what was happening to her. I’m sure it helped Mary become a lot less clueless about it, and hopefully that will show later in the episodes (because I seriously can’t stand how dumb she is at the moment).

Yeah. Maybe you should.

Yeah. Maybe you should.

Anyways, all this goodness, and it’s already over. We got no kiss, no problems, no re-confession or anything; and now it’s Toma’s time to shine. I guess I got a little too excited at Kent’s personality, so the show just had to go ruin it for me and cut it as short as they could… *sigh*

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