Amnesia episode 8: Toma’s route

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Mary is now going out with Toma! Or, is she really? He comes to visit pretty often anyways. Mary tries to figure out what is going on in this world, and realizes that the same girls as in Ikki’s route are harassing her in this route as well, seemingly for the exact same reasons.amnesia unkyou scary

One day, Mary is out walking at night when she meets Unkyou once again, who talks to her a bit before breaking into a madman fit and trying to attack her, before Toma shows up and saves the day.


*sigh* Oh, Toma… The only quality that guy has is that he’s incredibly gorgeous. And by that, I mean incredibly gorgeous.

Apart from that, I find him to be way too overprotective for Mary’s own good. We all know that she’s quiet, and now apparently we also need someone who can do everything for her. You know, because she wasn’t already lost in the background enough. I find that Toma was with her way too often, even making all the decisions for her concerning her health. He told her to rest, he told the doctors what to do, he’s the one who did the talking against Unkyou and he’s the one who told her what to do every time. I know Mary has no personality, but can’t she at least try to say something? If she also has someone who does everything for her, then at this point she shouldn’t even be there, and it makes me hate her even more.

That's right. I hate you. Deal with it.

That’s right. I HATE you. Deal with it.

Moving on, I guess I’m a bit curious to know what those girls are so pissed at Mary for. The way things are going, it seems like they’re still pissed at her for going after Ikki. They’re also much more vicious than before; that flower pot could have easily killed Mary. Or so I thought, but then they became complete savage beasts: they cut a strand of Mary’s hair. Alright, sure. Let’s just pretend that this was the scariest moment I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life and that it was totally worth the huge cliffhanger over it…Right? Right.

amnesia toma seriousThis route is still completely enshrouded in mystery. We still don’t know much about why Toma is so scared and overprotective of Mary, but it seems that he knows a lot about things that Mary doesn’t know. Everything will definitely get cleared up when she manages to open the diary she had at home, for which she probably has the key somewhere. I guess just breaking the cheap lock would have been too much trouble for her… *sigh* this episode was full of disappointments, I tell you.

In the end, I have to admit that Toma’s route is far from being my favourite. The guy’s gorgeous, but everything else seems to me like it’s over-exaggerated, cheesy and not my style. Moreover, Toma’s personality just makes me want to strangle his gorgeous body and keep it quiet for ever and ever.

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