Amnesia episode 9: psycho

amnesia cage 


After the “agression” Mary is put through, she goes back home, where she ignores Toma’s warnings about going outside and tries to go meet with Ikki in order to ask more information about what’s going on. This results in Toma feeling super jealous of him, and Mary decides to stay home instead because she feels guilty.amnesia scold

After having been sleeping for 2 days straight, Mary wakes up from Orion calling her name out urgently in order to tell her that Toma is putting stuff in her food that makes her sleep.

amnesia sleepWe then learn that Toma had been doing the most he can to try and keep her confined in his room, and after she tries to run away he goes so far as to put her in a cage in order to keep her there. After a while though, he lets her out and tells her the truth about what’s happening, then Mary manages to escape and rushes home to find the diary that she left there, in order to figure out her true feelings.



Honestly, I want to punch Toma through a wall. He deserves no forgiving and I sincerely hope that Mary won’t end up with him in this route. Ew.

I knew Toma was an overprotective bastard, but I still thought he’d be less of a jackass than that. I thought it was strange for him to do everything for Mary so much, but when you realize how his personality is afterwards it makes a lot more sense. He likes her so much that he wants to keep her all for himself, even if it’s all against her will. That doesn’t make it alright, but apparently Mary and Orion are persuaded that he should be forgiven because “he’s not acting like himself.”

amnesia toma hmphConsidering that both Mary and Orion didn’t even know him before he became a psycho, I have my doubts on where that thought may come from, and I don’t even know why she still gives him a chance. The diary will probably hold the truth, and I seriously hope that Toma won’t catch up to her before she at least gets to read that she hates Toma’s guts and always will because he’s a jackass. (I can always hope, can I?) I didn’t like Ikki’s story much because the plot was just weird, but at least he had a much better personality than the other idiot.

amnesia orion flowersAnyways, enough hate for now. To be honest, this route is kind of interesting and might turn out pretty good if Mary doesn’t end up with Toma, but I still simply can’t get used to the characters. Even when Shin showed up it wasn’t much of a big deal in my head. It seems like Orion is the only recurring character which I can enjoy; he has somewhat of a common sense and he has a decent personality. I only wish that we finally get to understand all that is happening, and I’m hoping that will happen in the next one or two episodes. We are nearing the end, and it’s about time we get to Unkyou’s route which will clear up things on whether he’s actually a good guy or just another psycho. I’m looking forward to it, anyways, since Unkyou’s mysterious nature is one which definitely intrigues me a lot.

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