Ansatsu Kyoushitsu – Assassination Classroom episode 4: Hot Foreign Teacher

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For someone who teach foreign language she sure as hell can’t speak english. I was absolutely incapable of understanding what she was saying. Thanks for the subtitles and the blackboard, because by sound alone I would have had no chance what so ever to know what she said. It really anoys me when anime have characters who are supposed to be great english speaker only to have them talk like a retarded 6 years old kid. If her character in the anime is to be speaking multiple language, you could at least expect that she would try to act like she can speak the language. Hell, half the student in the class pronounced it better than she did.

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Complaint of voice acting aside, I think this is one of the first episode of Assassination Classroom which I didn’t feel highly awkward watching. The episode stayed towards the ridicule and didn’t try to incorporate to many serious issues. The “pro” assassin was so unprofessional and inflexible, she didn’t past as a serious character for a second, she is an addition only for the ecchi and the boobs it seems (definitively not for her english that’s for sure!). I must admit I am in a really weird spot when it comes to bitchy-sensei. On the one end, she is a good eye candy and she has the confidence to make some pretty preposterous proposal to student and teacher alike. That girl talks with her vagina more than with intelligence, I guess it could explain why her english sounds like a bad queef. Her confidence and sex appeal aside, I must admit I am just sick and tired of overly tsundere characters. It was a huge trend for a long time in anime and they are so overused and obnoxious that I simply can’t deal with them anymore. It is even more obnoxious seeing how she is confident and sure of herself at every other moment of her life.

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Leaving Miss.Bitchy aside, I still refuse to admit the main character is a guy, sorry but she’s a girl. Screw tumblr and their talk about gender issues, I say call a cat a cat. If it looks like a girl, acts like a girl and thinks like a girl…it is a girl, penis or not. Until she whips out her dick and swing it around for everyone to see, she is a girl in my book. I have yet to see anything that would make me think otherwise and I have yet to receive any good reason as to why she wouldn’t be one. For all I know she is a trap and just really good at playing the role of an androgeneous main character to please but sex. Yet her mixed-gender angers me. I guess I should shut up about my gender complaints now.

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