Ansatsu Kyoushitsu episode 2: Daft Students

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 I must be honest, while I enjoy Ansatsu Kyoushitu and while I do find it amusing, I can’t say I am in love with the show or anything. I feel like I’ve seen better anime with similar subject and while I enjoy myself overall when watching Assassination Classroom, the anime does have its annoying moments.

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If there is one thing this anime is good, it is to properly describe young teens with problems and how to properly guide them…or at least to some extend. The intensity of the threat and the stress that would normally be put on those students must be enormous. I understand those are all stupid, rejected and failure of students, but I’m certain not all of them made their way there only because they are dumb as rocks. There most be some student in there who got into this classroom from other factor than intelligence, surely at least one person in that classroom realize the implications of their current situation and the urgency that they have of killing that teacher. This is not just about the money or seeing that monster destroy the earth. Peoples lives are at stake here, the world is going to be destroyed, there WILL be extreme measure taken to ensure the survival of the many. What I am trying to bring up here is, those children are in grave danger. Without a doubt, countries could agree to bomb this place to shit and back. When the survival of the species comes into play, they would use an array of nuclear weapon to destroy this place. Will it kill Korosensei? Maybe, maybe not, but the point is, those children will definitively die.

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So here comes the annoying part, those students are way too happy, some of them most be less oblivious than others right? I understand that Korosensei is an awesome teacher and everything, but your life is on the line here. Even worse than the oblivious students are every government official around this operation. I can guarantee you that there would be much more than one or two dudes from the military who would be involved in a project of this importance. I would expect to see a military check point for the student to get to school and for an array of specialist and observer to be around that school 24/7. Hell, there doesn’t even seem to be a single camera in there! It is difficult to take the story seriously when  it is both half serious and half completely stupid. I understand the feeling they wanted to give to the show, but they should have went with something lighter. The heavier elements introduced this episode just came to destroy the atmosphere for me.

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Usually, I wouldn’t be covering an anime like Assassination Classroom. It is too silly and too simple story wise to have much to talk about. Unfortunately, this Winter season is really lackluster in decent anime and therefore I’ll take this on if only because there is nothing better to take anyways.

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