Ansatsu Kyoushitsu episode 3: Get Rid of the Bad

Assassination Classroom surprise sensei

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 There is nothing more frustrating than dislike something you really want to try and like. This is pretty much my situation with Assassination Classroom. I am a huge fan to the ridiculousness and the humour used in the show, I just cannot stand their characters and every time they make a poor attempt at deeper psychological trait. I perfectly agree that a show involving a special teacher is something which need to follow a certain formula and that formula involves struggle between student and teacher. I understand the genre and what it implies, but that portion of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu is done by someone who clearly didn’t care enough or just don’t understand how human actually think. There are so many anime lately that seem to do things halfway of both side, uncertain if they want to be serious or a comedy, uncertain if they want to be light or heavy.

Assassination Classroom evil mastermind

At this point I would need the director of the show, or the author of the manga, to tell me what the intention was with this story. The show definitively seem like something light with some “dramatic development” intertwined to make as if there was content there. Truth of the matter,, the show could seem so light because of how badly the darker elements are. I’m simply unable to believe them and it frustrates me that it takes so much space in the anime when it is so lame. If you know a manga as his weakness, try to focus on what makes it great, don’t just thrown in everything bad about it in the mix too.

Assassination Classroom avoiding the worse

Then again, maybe this is just a case of something badly incorporated from the manga. I can’t say I find everything to be stupid in Assassination Classroom. On the contrary it is fun to see the student attempt coup and seeing the teachers strength and weaknesses…but I don’t need some unrealistic emo child backstory to explain why he is “evil”.  Look, the story is already not serious in the slightest, there is no need to try and justify why each character acts a certain way, although I’d love to know what’s the deal with his/her gender of the main character.

As things currently stand, it is highly probable that I drop the show in the coming weaks if things aren’t improving in some way. I can’t say it is not entertaining, because it really is, but the frustration is slowly starting to take more place than the contentment that still currently inhabits me when watching an episode. Such a shame, this Winter season really is quite void of good content.

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