Ansatsu Kyoushitsu episode 5: Too Simple, Goodbye Assassination Classroom

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It is most likely that not many of you will care, but I’ve decided this would be the last episode of Assassination Classroom that I’ll be covering. It was already difficult and odd from me to cover a show more about comedy than anything else, this show gives me writers block every time I’m supposed to write something about it. Yes it is funny to see Koro-sensei dodge every assassination attempt beautiful, the children are engaging and the more the anime goes on, the better our relationship with the students. This truly gives me vibes of Great Teacher Onizuka, but in a less serious kind of way. With only 5 episodes down the road and 17 still to go, there is still a lot of character development and fun story to be told until the student finally kill their teacher. While I definitively intend to keep watching until the end, the very nature of this anime doesn’t make for great episodic review. It is entertaining, fun, but not complex. There is very little to talk about, the show doesn’t take itself seriously enough to try and analyze anything and the characters are not “real” enough to try and do proper character analysis either.

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Enough with my shitty excuses, let us go to the episode itself for one last time. If the encounter with the poison was something funny and with great meaning for the characters involved, I don’t think there is much to say there and instead I’ll jump straight to the very end of the episode…Why was Sebastian cousin the president of that school? I have no idea why we have a vampire of a principal that is now heartbroken students are no longer suffering, but this suddenly took a turn in weird direction. I understand the guy want his school to continue in the path that produce the best results, and to an extend I actually very much agree with his methods, but maybe the guy shouldn’t be so surprised that a class suddenly exposed to an alien monster would have their behaviour altered.

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With such a teacher as Koro-sensei, all those students will most likely become extremely competent in each of their strength. Their character is being built considerably and they have the support of a super human to ensure that they are well followed and pushed in the right directions. Anyone would turn out right, even awesome, if they had this kind of supervision as a kid. Listen parent of this world, if you could only be half the parent to your kid as Koro-sensei is as a teacher, you would be created happy and successful kids without a doubt. Koro-sensei ain’t perfect, he’s got his problem too, but he cares in a meaningful way about those students. So don’t go around trying to make children to improve your own image or try to raise them into making your life easier, try to listen to them and understand their struggle even if they sound meaningless to you.

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I’ll enjoy watching this show till the end, but this will mark my final comments on it. A fun and dumb show, the best way to describe assassination classroom.

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