Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de [Final] episode 3: Sexy Opal Shooting

opal shiny masturbation

3 episodes and this show is already over. I can’t even say that I’m sad it ended, the show wasn’t particularly good, but it wasn’t that bad either. The format in which it was shown was pretty bad though. Having an episode released every season was just sad, the distance between each episode make it seems like the show should have been some kind of OVA instead. After all even though the show officially ended this episode, it didn’t felt at all like an ending. Instead the show looks like it could go on for a while more, we barely managed to see but a handful of characters and there couldn’t have been any character development ,or at least barely, in only 3 episodes.

ineffective opal

This episode we spent about half the episode to see the reunion between Blue Sonic and his father. I must admit that I didn’t find that part of the episode touching or interesting at all. It was kind of cool to see how Gear’s father and mother were great fighter and his father had to absorb his mother to save his life, but at the same time it was difficult to relate to a story like that when the show only has 3 episodes which are shown 3 months apart from each other. Also difficult to take a show seriously when half of its content is sexual innuendo, I might love that part of the show, but it does make every the show try to pass as serious go completely unnoticed. When you create a show where the main attraction is a video game character who learns about the world, a video game persona that loves filling holes and being perverted and a horny half-naked beauty, it is difficult to take anything but boobs and sex jokes seriously.

bra opal

Speaking of boobs and sex jokes, I’m really surprised at how hot they managed to make Opal. Her attack are turned into such perverted jokes and they managed to mix action, power ups and sex so beautifully. If anything I wish the show was more about sexual innuendo than video game or action. The story is really plain, the character design are fun because of their reference but their personality is usually really plain and boring. They should really concentrate on the only thing they had going…ecchi.

opal raped

This was the final episode of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, I’m not sure if some kind of different format of the show will be published to continue the story, but overall I feel pretty done with the show. It could have been a good show if it was 12 episodes long and aired during a bad season like the Winter season we just had, but the show had no hope to become anything more than it already was.  I won’t make a final impression of this show since it was only 3 episodes long. So here I will write a really short final impression:

The art of the show was fine, the music sucked, the characters were shallow, the story sucked, the ecchi was incredibly fun and therefore overall no one will cry that this show ended and isn’t worth watching past the first episode for the reference factor.

ZeroGhj signing off

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