Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de [First Impression] episode 1: Tetris is a pervert

This show is either amazingly awesome or terrifyingly disgusting. I absolutely love it, but I know that logically speaking I shouldn’t. The story is rushed, the character are not developed at all and you have to already understand who they are. The universe looks ridiculous and I doubt any real story will come out of this. The show is based and focus on only one premise…make you remember all those old school games you used to play in the 90’s.

First of all, here is a useful picture that will help you figure out the characters in the future, since some of them are quite obscure (at the very least I had no idea who or what Opa Opa was supposed to be).

Now back to the review of the show itself. The show sucks…unless you love video game and understand all the reference, in that case, this show is absolutely amazing. You have no idea how awesome it is to see different interpretation of your favorite, most memorable, video game characters. JUST TAKE A LOOK AT MARIO AND YOSHI!

I think I’m going to pleasure myself just because of this picture. The ecchi level in the show is really high, but that just increase to the awesomeness since all video gamers are horny virgin who loves 2D girls. I don’t even know if it is absolutely awesome or disturbing that Tetris is such a disgusting pervert that only thing about filling holes. I think I’m more amused than disturbed by it, but I would completely understand if people were to judge me for it. There is something a little weird when you say to your friend “today I watched Tetris grope Columns”, at this point don’t be surprised if someone contact the nearest asylum.

I will be watching this show, it simply is too awesome for me to pass up on it, but I must warn everyone, do not watch this if your video game culture is weak, the show will be absolutely terrible. The only reason this show has any chance of reaching anyone is solely for the tribute and the nostalgia factor.

I don’t know if I will be able to blog this show every week, the show isn’t particularly beautiful, the story won’t be any goods, the characters are funny but plain and the intro absolutely sucked. Yet, we have here quite the interesting ecchi and I sure love to watch and blog at least one ecchi each season, just a way to please my manly bits. Stay tuned and hopefully you will see episode 2 covered here a week from now.

ZeroGhj signing off

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