Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de episode 2: Killer Story

sexy opal

Our super ecchi video game character adventure is here once again, just in time before the new year’s break. I did not even realize how much I missed the constant sexual innuendo of this show until I saw it again this episode. I love tetris as a character so much, or Tejilof I should say rather. He lights up my day every time he shows up.


This episode we “learned” about the great Atarika empire that preceded the current era. I really love how the show transform the history of video games into such an awesome metaphoric universe. I must admit that if you set aside the ecchi and parody element, the show sucks, but I love both ecchi and parody and therefore I quite enjoy this show. Furthermore  the fact that it airs only once every couple months makes it a novelty each time I see it appear.

Another interesting concept this episode was that Killers were able to absorb other people and therefore making the original killer stronger. This is an obvious reference to video game integrating other characters from other series into them to save powerful character of popular franchise even when their franchise is dying. If this show becomes anything like real life gears will be absorbed by Marcus in a matter of days, Sega is already dead after all.

atarika army

I found it kind of hilarious that Fisher had such huge boobs that he needed a metal bra to hold them still while he fights…

metal braI mean seriously the guy looks like a complete retard and to add to it he has an armor that covers nothing but his moobs. You simply cannot imagine how terrifying it would be for that bra to fall off and see that guys humongous flesh balloon fall from the sky straight to your head, only to crush you under the weight.

In different news I think I’ve simply fallen in love with Opal, she is simply so sexy and adventurous, I want to teach her how to shoot straight and fill her holes too.

evil looking opalI don’t know if it is only Tejilof who makes her hotter than she should be with the way he acts and interact with her. She had such a lewd and cute face at the same time when she was really close to shoot off her bolt; I wish I would have been hit by that. Meanwhile Ears have some potential too, but I’m not too much into the whole yandere concept, so I’m still uncertain if I trust her to become a sexy Killer who will make me drool everywhere on my keyboard.

wolverineI just wish there was a little more ecchi this episode, because the action kind of suck if you don’t have boobs in your face to make you forget about it.  Hopefully next episode will make up for it !

ZeroGhj signing off

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  1. NiwatiX says:

    sexy girls, horny faces and a guy with a metal bra. Epic stuff right there

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