Aquarion EVOL episode 1 & 2 [First Impression]: Can something be too epic?

This show is just too much. It is so great, I don’t know what to think about it.

The first episode is a 48 minutes special to introduce us to the world and characters of Aquarion EVOL and the episode is just incredible. I’m not sure what to think about it, the animation is great, the songs are deep and the characters are interesting. But at the same time the love is so intense and cheesy, I don’t know if it is perfect or too much.

The show is a mecha, but the mecha seem to be working on the power of relationship and love. It is some kind of weird mix between a cheesy romance and a mecha show. I feel like the show is too good, I cannot do a real good review of it. I’m still stunned about what I just saw, I don’t know if it reached me so much because I like cheesy romance, or if the show is legitimately that good, but I know I’ll have to let someone else handle the blogging for this one from now on, because I just won’t be able to make this show justice. It was so good that I had trouble watching it until the end and I’m at a loss for words to complete every single one of those sentences.

There is a real sexual connotation in the show during every fighting scene, it is not just about love. Man and women union are prohibited and they have chastity stone to protect them? One of the female pilot said she would like to try it with a male instead of a girl. I have no clue if the character where talking about sex or mecha fight, both are quite possible. It felt like the kids where having sex in front of their parents when Aquarion EVOL formed, the teachers were traumatized and were screaming for it not to happen so the kids would keep their purity, and meanwhile the scene where both the guy and the girl were converging together and screaming that something is going to burst inside of them, it was such obvious reference, I just didn’t knew what to think of it.

I have no clue what to say about this show, I have a feeling that things are just so intense that it will burn me out. I’ll keep watching it closely each day, but I won’t blog it. I’m not too brilliant at blogging romance show, I’ll let the girl handle it.

Possibility of Watching: Likely
Possibility of Blogging: Unlikely

ZeroG signing off


Eva’s First Impression:

…I can’t help but have mixed feelings about this.
The animation and character designs are awesome, but I’m not a fan of the combat sequences with the CG of the mobile units (Type-F,Type -M, Aquarion). It’s not new for me to see the souls of the boys and girls as if you have seen Gundam Seed and some other shows, they had plenty of that- but the level they took it, is much like Zero had pointed out- the reference is too obvious to the point I”m actually slapping my forehead laughing because it feels so much exaggerated than what I’m used to. I mean I’m not bothered by it, instead it just makes me laugh.

Then right off the bat we were introduced to an EPIC OST. This is like, I was wow’d. It was really, really, really beautiful! The sound is amazing, I actually wished I had better quality headphone than these mediocre-will do the trick-earbuds. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the release of the OST.

The characters feel kind of bland at the moment (except for Zessica and Kagura), so I’m not too fond of them. Then right off the bat, the romance is already spinning in development- but oh my freaking god. IT’S CORNY! SO FREAKING CORNY!  But you know what? This is the first episode. Perhaps chemistry will eventually happen and I’ll be able to enjoy it more. However if it continues to be exceptionally corny, I can almost guarantee I will not enjoy the romance in this show. I prefer romance with strong development, not cheesy lines thank you very much.

As we already know thanks to Cayenne’s element power, Prophecy of Despair: Mikono is going to be taken away by Kagura who has been looking for a ‘wrench’ (aka a woman). This is guy here is pretty psychotic and is called a wild one for a reason. His power seems to involve a beast as he keeps on saying, “I’ll sink my fangs into them!” or whatever.

Overall, because of the lack of explanation of what’s in store for the plot (aside from the whole legend) and the lack of understanding of who these enemies are (who are apparently from another dimension), I can’t say too much. I’ll be  opstimistic and give it time to kick into the plot and give us an explanation.  However I cannot guarantee whether this is something I will be able to successfully complete blogging about, I’ll give it my best shot and hope for the best outcome.

Possibility of Blogging: Likely (can’t say for how long though, it varies on how the story turns out)
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed 

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