Aquarion Evol episode 26 [Final]: How to ruin a show in a single episode


Wow…this was stupidly ridiculous, I cannot express how disappointed I am of the ending right now. The show was always a little overdone and predictable and really silly because of how beautiful and cheesy things were, but that ending out done every crap that we were shown in the last 25 episodes. I was always on the edge with this show, if I should consider it an excellent epic or the crappiest cheesiness out there. I am now settled with this ending. It is outrageous how terribly sorry I am for even believing in this show right now.

Shrade’s soul comes back from the other dimension? Mikono tries to reconnect Mikage’s broken heart? Amata and Mikono finally unite to create Aquarion Love and save the world? I want to murder a cute kitten right about now. I was expecting a happy ending from the piece of crap that is Aquarion Evol, but this is even more bullshit than the ending of Clannad Afterlife. Everyone lives, everyone is happy, there is no real loser in the end, nothing was lost and everyone is reunited. All that happen because of the power of Love? Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of love (see what I did there), but there is a limit to how much it can be portrayed before I wish someone would die a horrible and painful death.

The story had everything to be awesome, there was a war, there were many characters, mecha, love triangles and evil fallen angel that were in conflict with each other for over 24 000 years. How did everything manage to be so sucky in the end is because too much is just like too little. There was so much good coincidence and great fate in the show that I could simply not believe seriously in it anymore. When there is a single improbable event, it means you just saw a miracle, when everything around you looks like a miracle, it means you are either easily impressed or someone is manipulating everything around you and all you see in reality is someone’s bullshit. Since I’m a narcissistic fool who doesn’t like to believe that he is easily impressed,  I’m calling this show bullshit. I wish the story was a little less perfect, I wish there was some real everlasting drama. Yes technically Mix is still a guy and Shrade is still dead. But somehow Shrade came back from the afterlife to fight with everyone and Andy is fine with getting it in the ass for the rest of his life.

Side note, Zessica is still an amazing character, she was willing to kill herself to save the one she loved, that would have made for a beautiful tragedy. Just a little unoriginal since everyone since Romeo and Juliet have done that. Also, she manage to have a threesome with the person she loves. She had both of Amata’s personality naked in the union, she really can’t complain in the end.

I’ve seen enough hentai to know where to is going

I don’t even know what to think of Aquarion Evol anymore, the show became more and more ridiculously cheesy every episode going to the final one, were it not for that the rest of the show was actually quite enjoyable. But my manly and realistic heart cannot help but want some drama mixed with everything, the beauty with love is how unique and difficult and painful it is to find and achieve. Love is rewarding, but you have to fight to obtain it. While the show did picture that a little, the overall message is “fall in love with the first girl you see and if fate wills it, you will conquer the world. Otherwise, well sucks to be you, you will be lonely forever because your happiness was not included in the book of fate”.

It is so warm inside him…

Let me end with a final note here, the sexual innuendo in this show are everywhere, not even hidden at all. Yet the show tries to promote love before anything else. Sex is a part of Love, but Love is not necessarily a part of Sex, you don’t fall in love with someone because of their huge breasts…with that said I’ll go grab a chill pill and drink until I forget everything I’ve seen from this show in past two seasons.

ZeroG signing off

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