Arata Kangatari episode 1 [First Impression]: Bullied into Oblivion


This show’s concept is pretty cool. To have people enter a different universe has been done time and time again, but this time not only does he enter a new world he actually switch with someone else. The universe seems a bit shaky to me and the first episode did not manage to convince me of the universe Master Arata lived in, but the characters looks interesting and so does the story.

main guy

I’m really a sucker when it comes to character, they are usually what makes or break a show for me and Arata Kangatari has an interesting main character. While the white knight full of justice is a common main character choice, it is unusual for that main character to be as much a loser as Arata is. It makes things even more interesting that now this useless character somehow manages to find himself in a position of power and love. He is not a useless teenager anymore, he is the wielder of a god weapon and he has a maid looking after him. That maid even has a great body and complete devotion so you can expect some really hot action to come from that (or at least in the form of doujinshi later on).

flying maid

I was confused for most of the show has to why there were two different story in two opposing universe and it bugged me that I liked the character in the real world way more than the Arata of the world of magic and betrayal. I was really glad to see that the deeper and more interesting character would actually be at the center of the show. Master Arata was a rather shallow and boring character, he is fine as a secondary character but I don’t want to hear him talk more than necessary.

body swap

As much as I like the show, I doubt I will actually blog it. The show seems aimed mostly about justice, swordplay and overall action and it is rather difficult to talk much about something like that. I wish there could be a bit more substance to their world so that I’d have something to talk about, but I’m afraid that the story won’t focus so much on their world than on the character development. Which isn’t a bad thing, since the character is interesting, but it is still pretty generic in term of anime. I won’t blog this, but I will most likely watch it, at least for a little while, this show looks like it could have some potential as mindless entertainment.

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