Argevollen episode 1 [First Impression]: Generically Lame Mecha

Argevollen mecha super

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I don’t understand how any soldier get to work under constant attack from bitchy little girls. I think this is the first thing that struck me in this show, not the interesting military conflict, not the original mecha design, but the annoying girls that made them food were just an eyesore. The little civilian girl ain’t much better either, I’m not sure why every character just have to scream and insult one another every time to talk to one another, it just get on my nerve.

The main character isn’t much more fun, he is just a whining asshole who feel as self-righteous without having any experience. I absolutely hate those kind of character, I hate characters who cannot think for themselves and put everyone into trouble because of how stupidly impulsive they are. Having those same character end up in position of power or becoming important is something that makes me even sadder.

Argevollen pussy main character

Enough with the pointless ranting, here is what this show is about and why you shouldn’t bother watching it. Argevollen is a super generic mecha that follows a war between two nation, one of which is losing pretty badly and our hero is a super boring character coming from that nation. He somehow found some new super mecha by chance and will use it to protect his nation and win the war by himself. We’ve seen this story a thousand times already and this time doesn’t seem to bring anything new either. I think this could easily be called a bad rendition of the genre, if I were in the field I would feel pretty insulted that someone made something like this ripping off every convention without making anything new and interesting. Hell, I feel insulted as a viewer that someone though we were dumb enough to watch something so generic and enjoy it.

Argevollen annoying girls

I won’t be watching or blogging this show, if for some reason you think it was good go watch show like these: Code Geass, Guilty Crown, Break Blade TV, Valvrave the Liberator…all the same thing as this show but much better.

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