Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova episode 1 [First Impression]: Naval Combat

Arpeggio of Blue Steel large scale naval battle

Now this is the kind of show I expect out of Fall, Arpeggio of Blue Steel is an impressive show that will definitively makes its mark in this season as it got what it takes. The show is a marine warfare show and reminds me a bit of Black Lagoon, Jormungand and Full Metal Panic! in different ways. There hasn’t been an awesome water warfare show since Black Lagoon and this show seems ready to take up the flag from there. Arpeggio of Blue Steel is visually pleasing and most of all it has a really great soundtrack and music in general. You’d be surprised how important both of those are to the development of character and of story, it really helps to immerse yourself into the action.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel crew

When it comes to actual story, the show looks serious enough, with humanity in shamble and without access to air or water, it seems that every nation has become landlocked. It must be especially scary for a nation like japan, but Europe must be doing still fine if water is the only obstacle (except for Nordic Countries + UK). I am really curious about the universe of the show as it seems that a lot of thoughts were put into this and everything might very well make sense. I want to learn more about their world and how things are working now that humanity is taken hostage on its own world and against military weapon nonetheless. After reviewed so many ordinary or shitty anime it is refreshing to see something that can interest me.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel fog ship

The characters still look a little bit fishy to me, with some of them looking way too stupid for the kind of importance they have. Even though I’m excited about this show it reminds that it shows some possible flaws in the long run, mainly in the character department. With such young looking characters it is rather difficult to have an interesting serious story and more worrisome is the different personality and physical representation of the ships. I think that having weapon be embodied as little school girl can really take a way a lot from what the show is all about, but only time will tell.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel corrosive torpedo

I am going to watch this show and I’m also going to blog next episode, but I won’t give a final judgement on it just yet. There are a lot of awesome going for it, but there is a lot of uncertainty left too. More episode will be needed to determine the worth of this show, but it definitively has a lot of potential if done right. Next week we should already be closer to a judgement of its real worth, so stay tuned.

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