Astarotte no Omocha! Ep 1: [First Impression]


A young succubus Princess is rushed by her loyal servant to form a harem, but the Princess hates men and decides to only form her harem if her subjects bring her a human male. Judith the mage decides to try to open the gate that seal the path to the different realm to bring her majesty her prized human.


Alright, this was exactly what I figured it would be. A Childish Fantasy Ecchi Romance, that is the best way to describe it I think. Now If only the show was not so childish, I think It could have been awesome, but it is currently so childish I have trouble to consider this either intriguing or sexually exciting.

I really like the world the story takes place, a realm of creatures where succubus, elves and vampire lives together. The main character is the princess and now that she is getting older she has to drink sperm frequently to stay alive, just like how a vampire must suck blood. Now this could be really awesome, but turn out it isn’t.

The characters are all exhibitionist to the extreme with no shame for sexual exposure, but they can’t say penis or sperm, just thinking about the words make them turn red. Lotte’s mom must have orgies daily, why would that girl be so prude about saying things like penis or sperm if she sees her own mother getting banged by over a thousand different men every day?

That makes a lot of different taste of sperm available ! I wonder what bunnyman sperm tastes like

Even if we disregard this issue, Lotte  is in no way mature, I mean she is 10 years old ! Why would I even want to watch a 10 years old panty shot and more? I mean, yes she is a succubus, but to me she’s not attractive at all compared to succubi in other works of fiction. She doesn’t have the devilish lust and kinkiness a succubus usually has.

Now if only I could take that child-like mentality off the characters, this show could have been quite interesting, the world looks awesome, the art is really great and there might even be some story in this, even though I don’t really expect something extraordinary in term of storyline.

This is well done art, I just wish it mattered in my decision to watch it or not

I think the show should be redone in a hentai, that would have worked so much better, also change lotte from a 10 years old girl to a 20 years old, that would be much better too.


Not something I’ll be watching I fear, but I can understand how some people who are not bothered by the childishness of the show would find it quite interesting. But next time you show me a succubus, she better love to drink her daily doses of sperm, that would make me feel so much better about being a man.

ZeroG signing off

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