Astarotte No Omocha! episode 11: Vanish


The World Tree changed color and now everything from the realm of man is slowly starting to disappear from the realm of demon.



Everything is disappearing ! Object and memories alike ! THIS IS THE BEST ENDING EVER ! From the beginning I believe this show should have never existed and should just disappear, this is exactly what is happening !


My wish finally came true



Now I just wish my memories could be erased like in the show, that would simply be marvelous. Talk about a beautiful story, they make you suffer while you watch it, and then in the end everything disappear without a trace, all the pain vanish and you can be happy once again. Isn’t that wonderful?


Now the thing that really bugs me is that Asuha is half human half succubus, why would she be rejected  by the world tree? also she lived as a half-breed for many years in another realm without anything going wrong. Is it because she’s considered more human than succubus? she does have the succubus sluttiness, she’s just missing the wings and the tail. I’m not really good at understand magic, it seems so fantastical and without explication sometimes.


Hiding your new



The next thing that I had trouble understanding is : why do they still try to talk to each others if they know that they can’t understand each other anyway. There is no point to their speech what so ever. And this leads to the question, why would they not just write notes to each other? It does work, Asuha gifts had “to Lotte” on it and the princess could read it, so they have no excuses for not being able to communicate correctly. Just do like everyone and send letters to each other, or pass a note around. The communication problem could have been solved so easily.


Now the story, unfortunately, doesn’t end here. We will have most likely one last episode where Naoya and Lotte goes on a silent date. This will suck, but if things could continue disappearing has they had, hopefully we won’t have to see the end of that episode because my monitor will have disappeared.


First time we see her cry



But I’m not naïve like that, I do know that in that last episode something bullshitty will happen that will reverse the disappearing process and make the princess happy and both her and Naoya will live happily ever after. I really wish I’m wrong though. Because that would be such a bullshit ending.




If you are still watching this anime, I really wonder what is wrong with you, are you a masochist? or do you just enjoy little girls in general? Anyway there ain’t long anymore until this show ends, never to be seen again. When that moment comes I will be the first to rejoice.


ZeroG signing off.


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