Astarotte No Omocha! episode 12: The end [Final]


Naoya and Lotte go to their last date together where they are unable to communicate to each other and share their love with words.



It is finally over, this here was the final obstacle, the show is now finally over. I want to congratulate everyone who watched this show until the end, you guys are the craziest people around. Now that this hell is over we can all work together at getting our sanity back.


Jokes aside, this episode was actually not half bad, as much as I hate the show in general, this episode was decent and would have been a beautiful ending to an average anime, but all the horrible stuff we had to go through to get this episode make it hard to fully appreciate the “Beauty” of this anime. If you forget the fundamental fact that the guy is 20 and the girl is 10, there is a beautiful romance thing going on in the episode. It has this magical feels. But then you get some incest reference half way through the episode and you remember why this show is pure shit. Asuha is such a slut, it shows that she is half succubus. Also who in their right mind would sleep in the same bed as their 8 years old daughter ? This is even more disturbing if you consider the fact that , knowing Asuha, she most likely sleep naked. How more wrong can this be? The only thing missing is an arrow above their head with a sign reading “THEY ARE HAVING INCESTUOUS SEX WHEN YOU ARE NOT WATCHING”.

I should have caption it with Incest written all over

Lot of things happened in the episode and I think having this episode split in 2 or 3 episodes would have been a more interesting choice, at the same time that would have saved us from the bullshit of 1 or 2 previous episode. There should have been more time between the time Naoya left the monster realm and the time he came back, because now there is only about 15 minutes between the last time they saw each other, it makes it impossible for the viewer to feel nostalgic or what ever else emotion they could get.

The Queen should have been the center of this story, not the underage princess

Naoya should have went out with the Queen, not the princess, that would have made this show at least a good ecchi if anything else. But at last, this is all over, time for me to work on regaining credibility after I just reviewed this atrocity of a show.




REJOICE, THE END HAS FINALLY ARRIVED, WE ARE SAVED ! Let’s be thankful that they had the right mind not to make another season or make this one last 26 episode. This show should not have had the right to be published in the first place, not even because of all the implicit content, just because it sucks so much.


ZeroG signing off

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