Astarotte No Omocha episode 2: Boobs and Pedophilia


Naoya fulfils the princess every little wish in order to be able to get his new job and a place in her harem.


What? I never said I would not cover this show. Ok I might have actually said something along those line, but only fools never change their minds right?

To be clear, I will be covering the show, but it counts as an extra to me, so reviews might come late, and by might I mean will.

Now back to the main program.  This episode was much better than the first one I think, there seem to be less of an emphasis on ecchi and more on the romance. Now the romance still suck for me, but to a younger audience it might still be considered good. There is this cute story of friendship developing between lotte and Naoya, it is really innocent, I kind of like it. But there was no obscure ecchi in this episode, except for some weird allusion to it. And also except for Naoya’s sister, that girl must be 6 years old, but she is such a naughty girl.

Oh my god...

Now what was fun to learn this episode? well first of, we now know why Elfleda has such huge tits, she’s a cow ! like literally, she gives milk. Lets get a slideshow of her milk factory while we are at it.

Also, Asuha makes me horny, how wrong is that? that’s why I hate ecchi where girls are 10 years old, it makes me feel like an old pedophile, kids these age are not supposed to be such cocktease !

Thats completely appropriate, I see no problem here what so ever

Still this was a decent episode, if we have low standards that is.

Things I liked about this episode:

– The face Naoya made when Elfleda ask him if he was trying to help in hope to get sucked off


Well we got to see some nice boobage and some nice child porn, what more to ask from a T rated anime right?

I’ll try to manage my hard on now…/sarcasm

ZeroG signing off

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