Astarotte no Omocha! episode 5: This is so close to become a father x daughter incest show


Naoya and Asuha go to meet the Queen in order to set something special for the poor princess Lotte. But will they make it through the palace thigh security?


This episode was actually good, maybe I was simply in a more childish and fantastic mind tonight, but I felt those 20 minutes went by really fast.

Still the best way to check for someone's gender

I really liked the way the Queen and Naoya had such a good relationship between each other even if they did not see one another for years.  One thing I was surprised to learn was that Asuha was Naoya biological daughter, I was sure she was just an adopted daughter, I never believed Naoya would have lost his virginity to a demon of sex at the age of 10. Also I believe it is rare for a guy to have viable sperm at age 10, he was lucky he got a child, even luckier she wasn’t deformed or retarded.

If you zoom on the picture, you can see "FUCK ME NOW" written on Mercie's skin

But the ecchi part of the story is getting quite insane. Naoya is 20 something years old, and he is to fuck his daughter’s mother’s 10 years old daughter. That was kind of complicated, but you get the idea. It is so close to becoming some kind of incest/pedophilia without anyone in the realm finding it weird in any way.

Best suit is no suit

Mercie is smoking hot, that is all I can say to describe her, the way she walks, the way she talks, everything about her is worthy of a sex demon. She has the words FUCK ME written all over her. I would not have been surprised if she just fucked Naoya right on the spot without even yelling surprise first. She must be really powerful if sperm is the source of her life force, she looks like she eats a lot of it.

I want all my teacher to look like that, class would never get boring

Now, the fact that Asuha is a Succubus’s daughter explains a lot her tendency to act like a nympho. I’m wondering if she will need to eat sperm too even if she is only half succubus. Would be disturbingly interesting to see, especially since she looks so fond of Naoya.

I wish that scene was less blurry

The show seems to be taking a turn for the best, maybe I’m just suddenly mentally challenged, but I think the show is becoming closer to something worth watching. Time will tell if my sudden change of heart was to be taken seriously or not.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Mercie is a bomb

– I liked the “Happy ending” of this episode


Maybe starting next week I’ll be able to review this with more interest in the actual story than the boobs of Lotte’s Mom, until then boobs, pedophilia, incest, everything is present to keep this show interesting in some weird way.

ZeroG signing off

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