Astarotte No Omocha! episode 6: Stripped Panties and the Realm of Man


The princess is mad at Naoya for always helping everyone and leaving her alone, so she unintentionally uses her power near the magical tree and she gets transported to the Realm of Man. How will Naoya saves the princess to tell her he is sorry?


This episode was cute, and by cute I mean really boring. I already said this and I shall say it again, the plot would entertain someone between 4 and 10 years old. But the show is 13 + because of so many sexual reference, like for example the main plot. The only real pleasure someone older would get from the show is from the nostalgia of seeing such childish show and from the entertainment value of the Queen’s Boob.

If you look close enough, you can see Asuha's underwear

Now having said that this episode we didn’t get to see the Queen, so I was disappointed. The good point though is that we saw Asuha in all her naughtiness again. Running around with a short dress and showing her panty to everyone, until she removes them that is. Even after she removed them she still bend to perform various action, well knowing she is performing those action while walking around commando.

The Princess does have some interesting fetish

Now the good part for the story is that the princess seems to be slowly changing her mind on Naoya, she now has a clear liking for him, she even had some really dirty though of putting a collar on Naoya. Maybe by the end of the series The Princess will finally eat the semen she needs to live and become stronger.

Until then, now the princess is stuck in the Realm of Man, two interesting thing could happen next episode, 1. we could have the Queen coming to help, and every time she comes she always bring her boobs with her, so that is a good thing. Option 2. Asuha uses her succubus blood to open the tree, which would make an interesting development to the show.

I wish Option 1 will be taken, since Queen > Story.

If this is 300 years old, fucking my grandma would be some sick pedophilia

Last thing we got from this episode is this new character who is supposed to be 300 years old. But in  fact she looks like she is 12 and she wears bunny ears. I guess it is not pedophilia if you want to do that character, but still, I just can’t think she seriously has 300 years old. She looks more ignorant than a  lot of character for being such a wise sage.

Things I liked about this episode:

– Panties are always the answer


This was a rather disappointing episode, but then again, this is a disappointing show overall, so I might just have too great anticipation for it. Next week I’ll try to watch it with the show sucky-ness in mind in order to give a more accurate review and appreciation of the episode.

ZeroG signing off

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