Astarotte no Omocha! episode 7: Drop this before it is too late !


Naoya goes to the Realm of Men to rescue the princess.


Well, this show sucks, and unfortunately not in any sexual way. It was a grave mistake to make a show so focused on sexuality to be oriented towards 10 – 14 years old girl.

The “love” story between Naoya and the princess is all cute and childish. But then you remember that it is actually pedophilia, and incest too. Since Naoya slept with the Queen and now he is dating her daughter, this is some kind of father x half-daughter incest. And all of this, the reason for such a relationship, is to eventually have Naoya get sucked off by the princess.

Atleast she was wearing panties

On a side-note, If I remember correctly, last episode we determined that only one of royal blood could activate the world tree. Therefore only the princess or the Queen could possibly activate it. But now at the very beginning of this episode we have some huge toad activating it without any problem. This is just so…terrible. This show already have nothing good on its side story wise or character wise, don’t also screw up the bad plot you have with huge incoherence like that.


What can one usually hope for in these kind of show? Funny moments? A good romance? Good Ecchi? Epic scene? This anime doesn’t contains any of these. I believe the only person who haven’t dropped the show yet are pedophile or nympho 14 years old girl. I must be either one of those since I’m still watching it.

Oh ass, this is such heavy sexual content

I sure hope the show goes in some kind of major plot change, but it seems as if the only current planned change is to have the show become some sort of Harem show, where multiple people will fight to get Naoya, which would just make this show even lame-er than it already is.

Things I liked about this episode:

– It ended


I will be reviewing this until the end, but it better end soon because my sanity is going to be depleted really soon.

ZeroG signing off

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