Astarotte no Omocha! episode 9: Beach time


Lotte and her friends are going to the beach to have some enjoyable summer vacation


I started this episode with really low expectations to avoid being disappointed. I was disappointed nonetheless. WHAT THE FUCK AM I WATCHING!?

I feel like I would have gained more enjoyment watching a wall for half an hour. This is becoming dangerously horrible. I was hoping the staff would understand that if they want this to do well they had to change their emphasis in the story. But now seriously wtf. A fanservice episode for that show? The only character I appreciate watching nearly naked is the queen, and in her usual outfit she has less clothes than with her bathing suit.

I don’t enjoy watching a show where half the time we are shown underaged girl in panties, DON’T MAKE A SPECIAL EPISODE WHERE THEY ARE ALL IN BIKINI! Yes all the servants are mature and grown up, that is ok, but there are still about 6 10 years old girl there. I just wish I never saw this episode, this is becoming insane. I like ecchi, I can “appreciate” a wtf-over-the-top ecchi like Queen’s Blade or something (ok not really, Queen’s Blade was shit, but still better than Lotte’s Toys) but this is not a show of ecchi and lolly, this is straight up pedophilia.

At least, there are only 3 more episode to go for this show and it is such a failure that I don’t expect to see another season anytime soon. The only positive thing I can say about this show is that there are two possible route it could have taken to be awesome, either the innocent and cute route and be a beautiful fantastic romance or it could have been a more mature and ecchi story, with fewer children involves and more ecchi/sex reference.

I would have loved to see either one of those, but we got a mix of the two which just seems like complete shit to me.

Now to the favorite part of most people, the photo gallery for this episode:


If I don’t shoot myself before the final episode I will be able to say I am a survivor of Lotte’s Toys. May the light grant me the strength to endure 3 more weeks of this bullshit.

ZeroG signing off.

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