Astarotte No Omocha! EX: Seriously?


Three Mini-episode of Astarotte No Omocha! Oh you shouldn’t have…I mean seriously, why have you done an extra episode of this shit?



And here I was thinking that I was done with this stupid pedophile show. But no, they tough it was a great idea to make an OVA just in case some pedophile were not yet satisfied. and boy did they make you the awesome Pedophile OVA.



The OVA is composed of 3 short stories. The first two were so wrong, so so wrong that I wanted to just cut my wrist and leave. While the show was always explicit and needlessly aimed towards a pedophile audience, the first mini story was just so wrong. It consisted of panties and little girl going commando. There was no purpose to the story what so ever and It was really painful to watch, I was wondering about my sexual fetishes for a while and I was questioning my sanity, I was glad that it didn’t last more than 6 minutes.


But then the second story was not much better, it was some kind of lolli Yuri with a tiny bit of pedophilia yaoi at the end. I don’t even want to go into any detail, it was supposed to be a cute story to show us how the guard-lady became the selected royal guard for the Lotte, but it looked more like a stupid yuri to me. Keep in mind that It might not help that I really don’t give a shit about this show and I hate it with a passion, so this might explain why I hate the show and I don’t care about the story or the characters what so ever, but having said that I very much liked the 3rd story.

The 3rd story felt a lot less like Child pornography, yes the main character was really young, but at the very least the queen was old enough to have boobs and wings and to act as sexy as she is known to be.  That was my only re-comfort after watching this painful OVA. The Queen was as sexy as ever and we were even able to witness her having sex with the main character? or was it even sex? It was kind of confusing, but one thing is certain it was really hot.



If for some obscure reason there is a second season of this shit, I will find the one responsable for it and I will roll over his body in a monster truck until he regain some kind of creativity.


ZeroG signing off

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