Astarotte No Omocha! [Final Impression]

Here it is, the Final Review of that huge pile of incestuous  pedophilia. This show was so horrible I don’t know where to start  screaming and where to start crying. Time for the last review before I permanently purge this show from my head.

Animation & Art:

 The art for the show was actually really good considering how shitty everything else was. There were some beautiful picture perfect moment and while there was also some choppy animation used from time to time, the show was mostly well animated and always shiny and beautiful.

If only what was shown was worth all the effort the art team put into the show.

Rating: 8/10


 Where to start? Oh yes, let’s start with the main character, Naoya, who is in love with his half-daughter. I mean there is nothing wrong there right? The guy looks like he is 12 years old, but he is in fact in his twenties and that girl is 10 years old.

In fact the guy as a girl and she is just about as old as his half-daughter. He is such a great father that Asuha is an exhibitionist and she is a nympho…and she has not even hit puberty yet.


Every single character is more wrong than the other. Even the queen who is a slut (because she is a succubus) is for some reason a super caring mother. But I don’t understand how super caring mother and having sex next to your daughter room with a thousand men at once works.


To make matters worse in term of character, when you believe you have seen everything a perverted prince appears out of nowhere and fuck the story over even more. The characters are all disastrous and not fun to watch. You can’t identify yourself to any of them unless you are mentally unstable and they are disturbingly clueless and stupid.



Rating : 3/10

Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

The sound track is quite decent for a show of such poor taste, so are the opening and closing theme. They are not the best I have ever seen, but they are at a normal-decent level. It is nothing fantastic, but it ain’t horrible either. Not much special to talk about here.

Rating: 6/10


Here we go, Story time ! Here lies the major problem with this show. THERE IS NO STORY WHAT SO EVER. It feels like one never-ending day at the beach. There is no real plot, and the small amount of plot implemented turns into bullshit three minutes later. Every single time there is a hint of plot happening, something happen that make it all vanish and be replaced with more child porn. The story wants that the goal is to have the princess swallow Naoya’s sperm, if she does that, she will have overcome her problem and she won’t die. Guess what? she never came close to sucking him off. Not only that, she fell in love with him instead and now they are all lovey-dovey. You don’t need to make friend with your servant to suck them off silly succubus !

Every single episode was a different adventure that usually made little sense and contributed nothing to the main “plot” of the show. The show was a big mess overall.

Rating: 2/10

Overall Entertainment Value:

There is really 2 scores here. If you are a pedophile, this show deserves at the very least a 9/10 in term of entertainment. Problem is, if you are not, I would not give this more than a 3. The show was not fun to watch, it was not even just meh, it was purely horrible. There was no fun facepalming every 2 seconds or questioning my sanity every minute or so. This show was messed up, I have no idea how it was not flagged as child pornography to begin with. It is not about lolly girl looking like 12 years old anymore, THEY ARE 12 !

There were some few good episode, mainly the first few first episode and the last two. In those episode the show looked more like a summer romance than a sick ecchi. It felt like the show tried to be too many things at once and in the end did a messy version of everything instead of making a good all around show.

Rating: 2/10


Overall there is not much good to get from this show. Pedophilia is in there, so if you want to see THAT, go ahead there is plenty of it. For everyone else though, this show is just a 6h long disappointment. Want a shitty ecchi? it is the right show! Want a boring romance? Lotte is for you ! You want to watch a slice of life with no highlights? Come watch this boring show right now !

I have serious trouble imagining how this show could pass all the steps to get to air with such “story”. I guess the pedophile market must be really big to justify making such a show only for them. I seriously recommend NOT to watch this show…ever. You won’t find any pleasure in it and it is not even bad enough to make it funny. It is just a failure at every level.

Final Rating: 2/10

ZeroG signing off


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