Baby Steps episode 1 [First Impression]: Calculating your way into Sports

Baby Steps playing tennis

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We have multiple good sport anime and romance this season, two things I am not particularly fond of, but I’m sure there are thousands of people who were waiting for a season like this, especially for the good romance which have been scarce in the past year. Baby Step is both a romance and a sport anime, but I would definitively describe it more as a sport anime before anything else. Sport in question? Tennis.

Baby Steps lost in training

This is not the first anime about tennis, it probably won’t be the last either, but it has a different approach than a lot of sport anime with a main character which doesn’t seem to belong into the realm of sport, at least for now. The characters in the show are all pretty well made and interesting, they are not cliché and they think like real human being. I find them to be rather relatable and this gives the show much more potential and power. Other than the characters, the show also has good animation going for it. While the Art for the show isn’t anything out of this world, the show is well animated which gives smooth movement to the character, something especially important in a sport anime. This makes it possible to see the smooth transition and path of the ball in tennis and the movement of the players, makes for a more visually appealing show than those who simply uses a succession of still shots.

Baby Steps floppy dick nose

The romance aspect of Baby Steps as yet to develop a lot, after all we are only at the first episode, but it is evident that it will become an increasingly important factor in Baby Steps and probably even a main motivation for Ei-chan. While this show isn’t exactly into my genre, I must say that it seems both interesting in term of the content and well made when it comes to the delivery of said content. I won’t be covering Baby Steps this season because of the difficulty for me to cover a show which isn’t really into my area of expertise, but I will probably continue to watch Baby Steps in the future as a light source of anime-fun during the weekends.

Baby Steps love interest

I recommend this show to all sport / school life and romance fan. It is a good show, so there is really no reason to dislike it if you are into the genre, but it is nothing exceptional either, don’t expect to have your mind blow, just be prepared to have a good time.

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