Bakuman III episode 10: unorthodox battle

bakuman serious


bakuman hattori

When Hattori has this face, you know things get serious.

At the new serialization meeting, Nanamine Tooru’s manga gets serialized along with Aoki’s, leaving Hiramaru in the dust and without any serialization. Meanwhile, Shiratori’s manga also gets cancelled, and Ashirogi Muto finally tell Hattori how Nanamine creates his manga. When this happens, they get a call from him, and Tooru brags like crazy about how great his method is, until Takagi tells him that they’ll get his manga cancelled within 10 weeks.

After much discussion, both sides figure out that the fight will happen on the release of chapter 2, and Tooru prepares a “secret weapon”, a person who can draw backgrounds perfectly well, and who has become one of Tooru’s assistants: Nakai.

That is some intense fat right there.

That is some intense fat right there.



Nakai… 🙁

I never thought he would be so desperate to try and make a comeback that he’d do this through such a bastard like Nanamine Tooru! All the more, since he knows who Ashirogi Muto is, it’s even more disappointing that he’d want to crush them like this just to prove his worth. I knew Nakai was a failure, but I didn’t think he’d be that bad… 🙁

bakuman tooruEither way, it feels like Nanamine is way too arrogant in everything he does. His biggest flaw is probably how much he shows off; it caused him to tell Ashirogi Muto something which he should have never told had he wanted to keep a long serialization without any trouble, and it also causes his manga to be really scattered because of all the ideas he wants to show off. This is what will bring his demise, and I can’t wait to see his face destroyed when he learns that he’s lost.

bakuman unsureMeanwhile, I feel bad for Kosugi, who’ll feel like absolute shit now. I agreed with him so much when he discussed an editor’s job: to be an editor is to discern what’s good from what’s bad, not to create, like Tooru states. Editors help magakas find flaws in their own works, and they help fix technical things which people sometimes don’t see. It’s hard to review one’s own work, and getting a good review on it from someone else is never a bad thing. As someone who wants to become an editor, I support Kosugi: editors are freakin’ awesome *proud stance*. Damn that Tooru.

I have a feeling that Kosugi will hold a big part in crushing Nanamine in the end, but I’m not quite sure how yet. However, the fact that he’s the closest person to Tooru of the gang makes him an insider on things, and with this weapon it’s possible for Hattori to make him deal solid blows to Tooru.

bakuman hiramaru happy bakuman depressed

Meanwhile, Hiramaru can keep entertaining us with his love life…

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