Bakuman III episode 11: Nanamine Tooru’s downfall

bakuman destroyed


Nakai has become Tooru’s assistant! All, for the meager price of having all his living expenses paid. All he has to do is beat Aoki and PCP in backgrounds, which he can do easily.bakuman nakai

It turns out that Nakai had no idea that Nanamine wasn’t writing manga by himself. He finds out one day, and quickly disapproves of these methods, but stays with him none the less. When Tooru’s manga comes out, it gets great reviews at first, however it drops quickly as his arrogance overcomes the will to change his manga, and it drops even more. He starts freaking out and applies different methods to try and bring it back up, but nothing seems to work and his manga is very close to being cancelled. bakuman angryDesperate, he goes half crazy, and Kosugi decides to go and beg Ashirogi Muto to get the same story in the same issue for both mangas, therefore competing on equal grounds. With the approval of the editorial department, they accept, and the episode ends with a new competition on the verge of starting.


Ah, arrogance, how you have a way of bringing down every single person that comes along your way… Ohba and Obata know this very well, as they seem to like bringing down evil, calculating geniuses with this technique.

bakuman ripI could tell right from the beginning that Nanamine’s manga was going to go down quickly. Second place is a good position? It’s not bad, but for him to think that “readers are too dumb to understand my manga” was his downfall. Instead of reflecting on himself, he decided to keep with his retarded methods, and with this his manga is definitely done for. Now all we need is for Ashirogi Muto to beat him with the same storyline, and Nanamine Tooru will be DESTROYED, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. Ok I’ll shut up.

bakuman coupleIt seems like Nakai also needs to learn a lesson… He has a score to settle with Aoki? Excuse me, fatass, but you might need to learn how to get over someone before you can say you need to “settle a score with her.” Also, it seems like he hasn’t learned from his mistakes at all, and still thinks Aoki’s rejection is her fault. He hasn’t learned a single thing since he left for his hometown. I hope that his comeback to Tokyo will mean great character development for him, and hopefully he can redeem himself and stop being a fat wimp. I was actually happy that he got to see Aoki with her new boyfriend, because it might help him realize that he needs to improve on himself big time.

bakuman nakai girlsI also think that he’ll take a big part in Nanamine Tooru’s redeemance. From the looks of it, next episode will be this bastard’s downfall, but I don’t think he will disappear completely from the manga world, not with Kosugi around anyways. Since Nakai is also close to Tooru, I doubt he’d just let everything slide without saying anything, and I’m expecting him to at least look a bit cool next episode. Maybe we’ll also see him meet up with Ashirogi Muto after a really long time?

bakuman kosugiFinally, I was happy to see Kosugi fight back with Tooru after so long. He definitely hasn’t given up, and he’s ready to go against many people’s opinions to let Tooru become a mangaka despite his wrong methods. He came out of his shell, and the courage he shows to try and overcome Nanamine’s depression is great. I’m glad he came out of his wimpy ways 🙂

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