Bakuman III episode 3: plot preparation


Ashirogi Muto only has 6 chapters left to beat Niizuma!

And with this in mind, Takagi brings out the idea to take out a 5 chapter-long arc which will climax into an amazing final chapter, in order to bring their rank up for the 6 month mark. Hattori is forced to agree and tells Ashirogi how much they’ve both grown over the years, seeing as they finally managed to go above him and bring out their own ideas.

The next day, Takagi arrives with what he came up with overnight, and his story seems really cool except that he has run out of ideas for the fourth and fifth chapters of the arc. In the end, after a talk with Mashiro he figures something out and describes how everything is going to go to Hattori, who agrees and lets them start on it.

Unfortunately, since it takes time for a small arc to get started, the first chapter of the arc drops them to 6th place in the ranking. Takagi believes that something is missing from the storyline, and while he thinks about it, meets Iwase on the street and states that he wants to talk. Iwase then replies that she’ll win no matter what, so convinced that she states whe will walk around a big district naked if she ever loses. In the end they acknowledge each other, and this gives Takagi the idea he needed to add to the last chapter in order to make the finale even better.



Oh my gosh, if I could read PCP in the real world, I’d do it live.

Having Takagi finally think things through in order for the arc to be created and to be as awesome as it is was very fun to watch. Seeing as PCP managed to be in the top 5 ranks despite having only chapter long intrigues only proves that his ideas were great. Now, imagine if Takagi had the possibility to make it longer and more elaborate: you’d get what he came up with in this episode. I was fangirling as much as Takagi when he was explaining his story; it was so awesome! I’m definitely expecting them to blow the rankings when they finish the arc and to beat Crow and +Natural when the 5th chapter comes out. That is, unless Niizuma comes out with another one of his crazy ideas; I wouldn’t be surprised.

It was interesting to see Aiko and Takagi acknowledge each other as rivals as well. The way they portrayed it and the feeling that it gave me only made me realize what Takagi meant when he told Mashiro that Akechi and PCP were going to be good rivals. Seeing as Bakuman was a manga in the first place, it’s possible to show different styles that are hard to comprehend in Bakuman while explaining that this is what Ashirogi Muto will implement in PCP. They did the same thing when they explained serious humour last season, and I’m always impressed how they manage to make a huge manga-ception of this show.

Another thing to note was Hattori’s little speech at the beginning of the episode. Having him mention how much Ashiro Muto have grown over the years was a good reminder that these guys are not the same as they were 50 episodes ago. Through Money and Intelligence, Trap, Tanto and now PCP, these guys can’t be considered as rookies anymore; they have experience, and it shows. For Takagi and Mashiro to “rise above the editor”, to repeat Hattori’s words, is something quite hard to do, and it just goes to show that they have a great chance of succeeding with this 5 chapter-long arc.

Finally, I thought it was absolutely hilarious to hear Iwase saying she was going to get naked if she lost. That girl does not know what she’s up against, and I can’t wait to see her face if she loses against Takagi this time. I’m sure it’d make the male population very happy to see her get naked and walk around town, seeing as she’s pretty damn hot. It’d make me happy anyways, seeing as her pride would be completely shattered.


Next episode will be… An interesting episode? Honestly, from the preview I can’t figure out if we’ll get to the final chapter of PCP before the deadline or not. What I know though, is that Hattori mentions “one big flaw” in Ashirogi’s manga. I wonder what that is…

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