Bakuman III episode 4: good news


That kid is so adorable, I always think yaoi when I see his face.


The votes are out! PCP overcame +Natural in the rankings, but Crow beat them by two votes? What now? Ashirogi Muto have a talk with the director, who tells them there’s now way he’d cancel such a good manga, and that they are in the safe zone for a while.

*gasp* do I see a smile?

We then learn that PCP will be getting a Drama CD, which is good and all, but it isn’t an anime so both Takagi and Mashiro are a bit disappointed in those terms. At least, until they realize that Azuki Miho can be the voice actress for the CD! Mashiro suggests her name immediately, and she is taken for the job, getting closer to her dream of being in the PCP anime one day.

It seems like everything is going great for Ashirogi Muto! They’ve got free time and tons of ideas on their hands, as well as a proposal to get an anime which the Editor in Chief still hasn’t shown them. Heck, they even see kids imitating their own manga!

Since they keep talking about getting an anime, Hattori tells them that PCP probably won’t get one due to stupid complaining parents, and scolds them since manga should never be created for anime adaptations. Back from the meeting, Mashiro thinks about the possibility of creating a second manga while PCP is still ongoing since both him and Takagui have leisure time, however he doesn’t have time to talk about it that Takagi gets a proposition to make the storyline for Shiratori’s manga.



Why, isn’t this a good comeback? In one episode, PCP got a Drama CD with Azuki as the main voice actress, a novel, and enough time to think about writing another manga? Boy, I never thought everything would go that darn fast.

The problem now is to be able to actually get an anime from another manga. Taking out the uproar it would cause over in the editorial department if that were to happen, if Takagi takes over Shiratori’s manga, it won’t even be possible anymore. Knowing the show, however, I doubt that would happen, seeing as Ashirogi’s dream would be completely crushed.

Also, I’m kind of seeing a bit of a conclusion to this story now. Even if they do complete another manga, it can’t possibly take so long that it’ll have to last for the rest of the season? I mean, we’ve still got 21 episodes left… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, I assume that they won’t really let it stall for so long. It is Bakuman after all.

Hahaha, serves you right. Now get naked and walk.

Moving on, Shiratori is adorable! I don’t know if his manga will be good, but that guy sure knows how to draw, for sure! It seems like he will become a much more important character than the other 2 assistants, seeing as he’s the only one with enough potential to even get something out of it (Moriya is way too conceited to even get something out of his).

Next episode… I dunno what’s happening. These stupid Bakuman previews never give me anything to talk about.


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