Bakuman III episode 5: the thrill restarts


And so, Bakuman impresses me once more. What can you do when everything is going great? Not fuck it all up like every show with a lack of originality would do, just make everything go too well. Have Takashi write 3 manga at once: because he’s just that much of a superhuman.

Shiratori’s manga turned out to be great, which would make me happy and all, except that it seems like it shattered Ashirogi Muto’s dream for yet another few years. With Takashi writing a second manga if Rabuta & Peace becomes serialized, it’ll be impossible for him to work on something else with Mashiro other than PCP, which means they’ll have to wait for PCP to be done in order for them to be able to get an anime. From the looks of it, PCP won’t be over until much later… It won’t get cancelled, and the manga is simply way too cool for Ashirogi Muto to end it anytime soon.

Then again, that’s assuming they don’t ever get an anime for PCP. Last episode was all about telling them that they would probably never get an anime for PCP due to parental complaints, however that scene with the Editor in Chief having a document that clearly stated “Anime Proposal for PCP” kind of gives me the vibe that the EIC is just too much of a dick to give that glory to them already. He probably believes that it’s way too early for them to get an anime, and thinks that the series is too young to have one. Which means that they can have one! Just… not yet.

I just had to put this somewhere… Dat face.

That moment when Hattori started looking like a totem.

So instead, now that Ashirogi almost has it all, we move on to Shiratori, the cute assistant hired last season in order to help Mashiro with inking and backgrounds. Considering he never even had any intention of ever drawing manga, he turned out to be the one with the most potential, being absolutely amazing at drawing. With Takagi as the writer of the story, it was only normal that it would become popular in one go. Shiratori had the chance to therefore go straight into Jack instead of Treasure or Next! because of Takagi’s old serializations, and now all of a sudden he has a possible career in front of his eyes.

It’s too bad his mom had to be so ridiculously rich and superficial that she would go against him and kick him out unless he studied abroad. I basically wanted to punch her in the face when she showed up at the studio saying manga was bullshit. That being said, she was surrounded by mangakas, too… Smart. Anyways, I’m glad that’s out of the way, now we can only hope that Shiratori will keep succeeding on the road to serialization.

Finally, I’m really curious about the Super Leaders Fest which will start soon. From the preview, I believe that basically all the characters we know from Jack will take part in it, and it’s a good way to see another competition between everyone. Who will win? What kind of story will Ashirogi pull off this time? Also, how the fuck will Takagi survive? All this, next episode~

I’m glad I got all excited again. Last episode bored me a little, everything was too easy, but now we’re back on track with the busy world of a mangaka.

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