Bakuman III episode 6: argument

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Is it possible for Mashiro to create a whole one-shot by himself? This is what we get to witness in this episode, as he tells Takagi to concentrate on Rabuta as he completes the one-shot for the Leaders Fest. Out of ideas, he and Takagi go to the New Years party despite their lack of time, and it turns out that in the end most authors intended to write a romance manga for the Fest, and so the EIC decides that this will be the main topic of the competition: who can write a better love manga?bakuman eiji

Mashiro calls Azuki, writes his story, and the version presented to Hattori pleases the editor, who will present it for the Fest. As for Rabuta, it seems that Takagi has a bit of trouble with it, but his determination makes him start over again without any regrets. At least, until he realizes that he is wasting time with writing another person’s manga when he should be focusing on working with Mashiro as Ashirogi Muto. In the end, he gets in a fight with Mashiro and disappears for a week, leaving the other alone in writing the whole one-shot for the Love Fest.

We see how well that goes.

We see how well that goes.

Finally, it turns out that Takagi was gone all week in order to make Shun independent with Rabuta, and he comes back in time to help Mashiro with both the one shot and PCP, making them Ashirogi Muto once again.


*note: you who are reading this have just started the immense Bakuman III marathon. All episodics for this show are very late, however I will do my best to catch up as fast as I can, therefore starting up this huge marathon. Have fun!*

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And so, we can forget about Rabuta and Peace already, and it’s definitely not a bad thing. Honestly, Takagi was making himself way too busy for other people, and it wouldn’t have worked for him to spend his time on that rather than the other manga made by Ashirogi Muto. I’m glad to see that he realized it by himself, and he didn’t need Mashiro to state his feelings about it. They both went for their own decision, and it ended up being the same, so I guess these guys are meant to work together in the end. Of course, everyone has an argument once in a while, but for them to work it out together like this was admirable, and their fight at the end definitely showed their reconciliation as weird as that sounds. bakuman drinkI thought the Super Leaders’ Love Fest would last a little longer than half an episode. It isn’t a bad thing that it didn’t, but I’m still waiting for that strand of good news to end and for something really awesome to happen. My guess is that something will happen soon, considering this is going to last another 20 or so episodes (and if nothing fun happens in that time, then there’s something wrong somewhere). We will see all this soon. Meanwhile, I shall take my leave and get my head going for more Bakuman reviewing~

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