Bakuman III episode 7: Hiramaru’s determination

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And so the marathon continues~


PCP eventually reaches its fiftieth chapter, Fukuda’s manga gets an anime and Ashirogi Muto have been asked to be judges for Treasure, where new mangaka try to publish their works. Bakuman pictureMeanwhile, Hiramaru has finally managed to get a date with Aoki, and while the editors don’t want him to be alone with her, he decides otherwise and takes her out to some other place for a day. Yoshida, his editor, takes it upon himself to go get him back (of course, all for profit). bakuman editorIn the end, Hiramaru runs from Yoshida with Aoki, and when his editor catches up, he finishes by asking Aoki out and she accepts, leaving him with a new motivation to write manga. The episode ends as Ashirogi Muto are about to open the manga submissions for Treasure, but more details will go into that next episode, where it should be the main focus.


Wow, this was absolutely hilarious. I never thought Aoki’d be interested in some guy like Hiramaru… This is unexpected, but cute and awesome none the less.bakuman aoki and hiramaruDespite all other adventures involving Hiramaru and his editor, I was still surprised that Yoshida was so intent on preventing Hiramaru from having anything distract him from writing manga. When it comes to a point where he has a freakin’ GPS in order to track him down while he’s on a date, you’ve become a serious stalker. Meanwhile, I was there, as a spectator, laughing my head off and secretly rooting for Hiramaru.

bakuman aokiI’m glad things worked out between him and Aoki, and also a bit surprised since it won’t be the first time Bakuman shows up withthe weirdest couples. To start off, Miyoshi and Takagi were a bit weird together and I liked Aoki much more, then they brought together the biggest bitch on the planet (Iwase) with the most carefree and passionate guy in the entire world (Niizuma). Of course, that’s one couple that isn’t complete yet, but I’m secretly rooting for them too, depsite their couple being really awkward. Now almost everyone of the same generation as Ashirogi Muto has a partner, and soon Mashiro will be the only one left to actually go out with Azuki and not just see her once a year. As for Fukuda, well… I was rooting for him and Aoki, but I guess he’s stuck with his hand and his ecchi manga to compensate. Poor luck.

bakuman hiramaruOverall, this episode was amazing. Despite its complete lack of relation to the main story, it was funny and added a little bit more substance to the gag character that is Hiramaru. He lightens up the mood in every episode, and he’s fun to have around, so I’m glad his life is at least a little less miserable now, after this short but over-dramatic date. Seriously, I thought I was watching some crazy old TV Drama for a short while. The major exaggeration of the scenes only made everything even more humourous in the end though.

Finally, it hasn’t been mentioned much yet, but I’m really curious about Takagi’s “new idea” for Ashirogi’s next manga. Whatever unorthodox battles are, they sound too awesome not be be freaking cool and meritable of being in an Ashirogi Muto manga. I’m hoping to hear more about it in the next few episodes!

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