Bakuman III episode 9: bad kid

bakuman nanamine kid


Nanamine Tooru continues on his unorthodox road to try and become the fastest growing mangaka in Shounen Jack. After a short flashback where we witness Nanamine buying himself friends, his one shot is published, leaving first in the rankings and finally telling his editor how he gets ideas so fast. He then submits it for serialization, but we won’t know if it gets accepted until next episode.bakuman nanamine tooru evil


This is a continuation of last episode, and to be honest I don’t have much to say about it, so I’ll most likely be short in my review.

bakuman evilThis episode only emphasized Nanamine Tooru’s character, showing just how ambitious he is. He doesn’t have any pride in going in with his own work, his only goal is to be first, no matter the means. It was interesting to see that he became so twisted because of Ashirogi Muto’s work. For him to literally buy friends with money (and not even his own) emphasizes his will to win, and for him to even buy his editor with fear is quite scary. This guy knows how to manipulate people, and he uses it quite badly. To be honest, I hate his guts. He’s super evil, but he has no reason for it. He just wants to win, however he doesn’t even want to do it his own way. Moreover, he admires Ashirogi Muto, but in the end he’ll just drag them to the ground without any remorse. This guy’s a big bunch of evil, and I hate him.

bakuman faceMoving along, slowly but surely, Ashirogi Muto are coming up with something for their next manga. From the looks of it, it’ll be something absolutely badass. To build something up around characters is a great idea, it prevents the lack of development, and to be honest, I love shows with character development much more than I do those with just good plot. Characters need substance, and with Ahsirogi’s next manga, it seems like it’ll definitely be the case. I’m loving it already~

Also, for those who didn’t notice (I didn’t until I started writing this post, anyways), Nanamine Tooru is yet another illustration of Ashirogi Muto’s ideas. This is what building a story around a character is, and it indeed is pretty awesome. I only hope that this guy won’t last too long, because I sincerely hate his guts with a passion. He’s a little boring once getting past the awesome feeling that he gives with his mind manipulation. His manipulation isn’t intricate enough for him to be cool.bakuman call

In the end, I feel bad for Nanamine’s editor, a poor soul who’s only trying to do his job properly. He became a victim without having any choice, and I only wish for him to come out of this unharmed.

bakuman scaredFinally, I thought Hiramaru was out of this when Aoki said she liked her, but it looks like Yoshida still has a hand on him and has decided he would manipulate him until the end. Will he get another serialization? I kind of hope not, because I feel like he’ll be once more tortured till the end.

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